Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In America!

I am in America! I'm on a visit after 6 years away from the motherland, and I must say I am quite enjoying myself. This is going to be a short post, so I will keep it that way. Food here is delicious, but really, really, really terrible for you. Not even kidding, 90% of the entire menu of a Chili's is at least more than 50% of your daily amount of calories. That is an underestimate, there were options that would be, by calorimetric estimation, the only thing that a woman should have eaten that day. And even then that can be too much. So naturally, there are many, many overweight people. It's not to say that buyers should take no personal responsibility, but I can see the difference even in cultural attitudes towards food, there is a nearly "loreal" kind of attitude, namely "because we're worth it" in which one is caught in a catch 22 situation of either indulging because you deserve the break, or admitting that no, you do not deserve to enjoy the new double cheese-chili baconator with extra bacon. The breakaway from this is to realize that healthy food, when skilfully prepared, can be even more enjoyable than some manner of deep-fried grease, but cultural attitudes can be difficult to overcome. That all being said, there are some super awesome health food places here and there, with fresh produce and all that, but things that leave one feeling digestively proud of themselves are certainly in the minority.

Ok, so I'm a dirty liar, that's not a short post at all! It's interesting to note the differences, I suppose the main ones would be that Utah is by a considerable margin full of nicer people than the Dublin I'm acquainted with, but also by a wide margin, full of, frankly, stupid people. In general. Well, I'm off to do more things! Happy Summer!