Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I recently bought new A4 sized books for maths and applied maths, equations have this tendency to absolutely devour paper for me. And I think about this every now and again, how beautiful writing is. I mean, not even composing words and sentences, I mean writing at all. I like to use the word 'inscribe', because well, inscribe sounds awesome, and makes scribbling down formulas sound more epic! I was thinking, those books really are, at this stage, just paper stuck together. But after a month or so, they will be full of knowledge. Full of the experiences that I've learned in my classes. As of now, they're practically worthless. But the only reason we have paper is so that we can write! To jot down what we have learned, which helps us remember better.  I just love that certain true, timeless quality that inscription has. I mean, just the fact that I know all this stuff that all those dead geniuses didn't is something of a testament to education in itself! I mean, in Fallout 3, the only people that matter for half a damn are the scientists. You've got a gun? Pfft, who's gonna fix the world? We need clean water. The most valuable things in the game are books, the lost knowledge like v=u+at. The ruined, destroyed books are worthless, just half-burnt pieces of paper. But anything solid, anything true in the Capital Wasteland is worth far more, whether it's a single bottle of clean water, or even a child's comic book that survived the ages. 

          That's another thing I love about Physics and Applied maths. But somehow, even moreso for applied maths. Formulas. I would marry formulas, if I could, and I would wager I may someday try to! They are true. Incorruptable. At least, the good ones are. To some degree, some of them are fallable, or only work in certain situations, but the really good ones, the ones I want to have little baby formulas with, are the ones that work everywhere. Like the principle of the conservation of energy. No matter where you go, or what you do, this applies. I think it's cool that we get to step in and see the cogs at work in our universe, things that make the universe tick, without which all would fall into chaos, these beautiful things, unbreakable things, and we get to study them! I think that's pretty rad.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weird dream!

I'm running out of titles, ok?

I wanted to blog about a wacky dream I had last night! I don't dream much, at least, not anything interesting, but this was pretty wacky. Ok, so, I don't remember all of it, but I remember at the begginning I was on some sort of quest with some girl, and we had to do something. I think she had a knight's armor too. Anyway, we're in suburbia, and we're walking up to this guy's outdoor shack kinda thing. And there's this locked wire link door thing that leads into a basement, and what we need is in there. I think it was a friend who needed our help or something. So we're walking up to the concrete outside, and there's this guy with shades on, smoking. He uttered a cryptic warning to me, I think it was something about a dog. Me and the girl with me look inside the concrete room, which, oddly, doesn't have a roof.  She offered to go in, it seemed like a decision of great gravity. FALLOUT 3 SPOILERS, AVERT YOUR EYES PHILLY BILLY! Given the suit of armor, the fact it was a lady, and the choice of sacrifice involved, it seems similar to the end of fallout 3! perhaps I played to much of that recently. ALL SAFE NOW PHIL! But in the end, I decided to go in myself. So I'm walking up to the door with this big-ass key in my hand, when suddenly, from around the corner, comes cerberus, the three headed dog of Hades, teeth like ivory tusks gnashing at my feet. So I'm freaking out, and running like my life depends on it. Which it does. And every time he goes to take a chomp out of my posterior, his chain stops just short, sparing me. But he keeps chasing me, his chain only seems to run out of space when he is about to bite me, it was very strange. I suppose it could be interpreted lots of ways. But it was weird, and I like weird dreams.

In the last part of the dream, I dreamt I was in Team fortress 2, playing the spy, with a new unlocked thing that let you run faster and stab people in the back more quickly! It was awesome, it was a tiny little knife that didn't really work, and then me and a scout got in an argument over whether or not they could use one! But I played the spy for about a good solid hour before I went to bed, so surprise surprise where that one came from!
            The 2nd part of the dream was me at school, hanging out outside the C floor lockers, waiting for school to start. For some reason, Nicola says "Man, I miss those times way back when."  "What times?" I say.  "Before everyone was mad at me because I shot you!" she said with a wry grin.  "Aw, it's ok, it's all in the past!" For some reason in the dream, I genuinely remember her accidently shooting me. Only later as I groggily shambled to the shower, did I realize that in fact, Nicola had never actually shot me!                Which is weird, because might I just say, Nicola is a great person. She is one of my favorite kinds of people. My first genuine interaction with her, was when she and her friend spent a good solid week trying to cheer me up. Unfortunately I was very self-obsessed and it ended up kinda backfiring in the end, but the genuine care she showed in trying to make my life a happier place to live is a great inspiration, and after me and God got a relationship going on, looking back, she was very kind. And even after, she's been a great lass. Quite a thinker, quite a compassionate character, and a bunch of fun! She's got a hilarious laugh, and quite the grin, these two are probably related because she can fit her fist in her mouth! Seriously, it's awesome. It's also nice at parties to have one of the cool kids not drinkin' to, because she doesn't drink! I mean, once again, not that there's anything wrong with drinking, but it's nice to have a few people not drinking, I guess! She's got this lovely lad called Sebo, they've been dating for over a year! Can you believe that? They're like the exception that proves the rule, that teen relationships actually are capable of lasting more than a few months, it's quite the harbinger of hope! Their Love for each other is really quite the awesome. She had a few pearls of wisdom on relationships that she shared with our school's christian union last friday, she is fond of honesty and bringing things up when there's a problem! That makes a lot of sense to me. They look so cute when they ride bikes together! XDI say all this because she once told me that she had planned to hold some big party or other to get a mention in my blog. She reads it every tuesday, so I thought I would give her a shoutout, and say how wicked awesome she is. Also, she didn't shoot me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lorcan Murphy at Connect 2009!

       So, A few weeks ago, I asked my youth pastor, a certain Jonathan Shaw, if he had any books on dating and relationships, as I recalled him mentioning reading one many moons ago. He still had it, and a few weeks later, he lent me a related book, called "Wisdom on Making good decisions". It wasn't the book I had requested, but he was still looking for the one on dating, "Wisdom on Wisdom On Friends, Dating, & Relationships" , and thought I'd enjoy this one as well! His analysis was accurate, as I tend to read Christian spirituality and guidance books like some sort of junkie! A few weeks later, he lent me the one on Dating and relationships, and I read it in about 2 days. Anyway, fast forward to the present, after I had told him what I thought of it, and as I was leaving youth club tonight, he asked me if I would be willing to write a review of the books for "Connect", a christian youth conference over midterm. I agreed, because I don't really like passing up oppurtunites! This occaisionally ends badly for me, as I can take on too much, or leap before I look, and end up knee-deep in proverbial poopy. But I'm pretty free for time as of late, so I agreed.
        The next part of his sentence left me a little anxious though. "Yeah, you'll just be getting up on a stage for a little bit, say a little bit about the books, the good and the bad, and how much they cost, and then they'll be selling them in the bookstore afterwards!" Whoa, back up. Stage? That bit sounded scary. I say this because people tend to look at people on stages. Connect has over 300 people coming to listen to people who talk, I presume on stages. This struck me as distincively scary. However, this is usually the sort of scary that ends up being great for me, as it gets me out of my comfort zone. And as I'm planning on being a youth minister when I'm older, learning how to speak in front of a large crowd without spontaneously catching fire out of fear would seem to be a somewhat indespensible skill. I'm sure it'll last less than 3 minutes, if that, but those 3 minutes will probably be the most frightening 3 minutes of my life. I've done plays before, but this is different! Anyway, if you could keep me in your prayers that God will help me to talk about the good parts of these books, but still maintain an honest perspective, and not suffer cardiac arrest on stage, I would be quite grateful!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The new president!

Man, the inauguration was great! I was going to do a big post on the night, but I am a total lightweight, and was actually relatively tipsy on the two glasses of champagne we had (Sad, but true), and I figure it's best not to drink and blog. They should have an ad campaign on it or something! Man, it was great though. This guy has hope, and I think that even more than be the president, I believe this man is capable of influencing the people on a personal level, to get people hoping again, to get us working with each other. He's just one of those public speakers so full of hope, you actually feel motivated to do what he says. Luckily, he has a good message, I guess! It's nice to not be ashamed of my nation anymore, for the first time in about 4 years, I actually got up and sang the National Anthem with my hand on my heart, it was quite moving! I believe in this guy. He is just so loveable with his giant smile and silly ears. And his silly dance moves. Check it out, someone compiled them together! http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=65I0HNvTDH4

Also, a list of fist pounds, the president's congratulatory method of choice.

Breaking the Pound Barrier 

Fists approach at a moderate speed and brake to the reduced velocity of a bullet in the Matrix at a distance of 8 inches. Continue the slow approach to a separation of 2 inches, at which time both participants make a "boom" or "whoosh" sound as the fists accelerate, collide, and recoil. The hands should open up in the recoil. 

Pound of Flesh 

This starts as a two-fisted pound with fists at shoulder height. After contact, the fists should remain in place as participants execute a manly chest bump. 

Pound of Music 

Begin with a regular right-hand pound, and lock right arms with the other participant. Spin clockwise 180 degrees (360 for added flare), then face each other pound left fists, join left arms and repeat counter-clockwise. Singing is mandatory, though the Austrian garb is optional. 


Initiate a fist pound at mouth height. During contact, move your head close to the touching fists and pretend to take a big, sensuous bite out of them. 

Napoleon Bonapound 

Note: this requires each participant to be wearing a coat or jacket. Initiate a normal right-fist pound. Slide your hand into your coat and stare off triumphantly into the distance. 

Quarter Pounder 

Pound with one hand but only make contact with one knuckle. 

Quarter Pounder with Cheese 

Same as above, but bring your other hand above the Quarter Pounder to "sprinkle" the cheese. This should involve a light, whispering sound effect in conjunction with wiggling your fingers, perhaps lightly touching the other person's wiggling fingers. 

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese 

Similar to above. Pound with both fists, making contact with only one knuckle on each, then use both hands to sprinkle the cheese, as described above, right over where your fists made contact. 

Lost & Pound 

Start with a right-fist pound, but miss by veering to the left. Follow it up by connecting with an assertive left-fist pound. 

Zounds of Pounds 

Start by rapidly pounding the other person's fists, alternating left and right. After a few seconds, say in a falsetto voice, "Zounds of Pounds!!!!!" and continue the rapid-fire pounding until someone gives up. 

Knights of the Pound Table 

Begin by executing a traditional right-handed pound. Upon release, bend your arm at the elbow and swing your forearm a little more than 90 degrees to your right. Swing back to the left as if striking swords together; make a clanking noise - "dink" or "clank". Now rotate your arm to the left, preparing to deliver a backhanded clash of the swords. Strike invisible swords again, making the appropriate noise. Conclude with a chivalrous right-hounded pound. 

The Perfect Pound 

Popularized by Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire when they were still American heroes, the Perfect Pound endures as a favorite of the masses. You've probably seen it: one person pounds down as the other pounds upward, then switch positions for a second pound, and then finish with a horizontal engagement. This technique is a bit tricky, because there must be an implicit decision as to who starts on top. But if you can solve that problem with grace and without words, you will have the Perfect Pound. 


Who says you need a partner to pound? Make two fists and pound them vertically such that the first finger and thumb of the left fist make contact with the pinky of the right fist. Great for self-congratulatory moments, or if you've gone too long without a real pound. 

Pound Robin 

Requires three or more participants. The best Pound Robins begin with someone declaring "Pound Robin!", and everyone present must pound with everyone else. Sort of like "Cheers!", but with fists. However, technically, a Pound Robin is said to have taken place if every participant engages in a fist pound with every other participant, regardless of whether it was declared at the beginning. 

Pound Explode, aka Exploding Pound 

An American classic. Start with a regular fist pound, but upon contact, open your fist and quickly retract your hand. Sound effects appreciated. 

The Ticking Pound 

Start with a regular pound, and then retract fists slowly. As you retract, each person shakes his or her fist, and then after an appropriate period of shaking, explode as in a Pound Explode. 

The Reverb Pound 

Execute an Exploding Pound. After hands are open and apart, bring them back together and close into a pound. Retract fists. 

Pound of Goose 

Start a pound. Twist your fists and slide them along one another such that the backs of your hands are touching. As they are sliding along, open your fist and lock thumbs with the other participant. Flap your hands and fly away. 

(Not to be confused with the Pound Birdy, which involves the middle finger.) 

Pound of Dead Goose 

Combines the best elements of the Pound of Goose and the Exploding Pound. Execute a Pound of Goose, but before flying too far away, someone says "BOOM!" and destroys the bird. 

Pound & Lock 

Simple but elegant. Pound fists, twist them 90 degrees clockwise, and make a clicking noise. 

Pound of Silence 

Initiate a pound, but stop a few inches before contact and immediately walk away as if nothing happened. 

Kilogram Pound 

Perform a normal pound exactly 2.2 times. Most common pound performed outside of the US. 

British Pound 

Pound, then buff your knuckles on your waistcoat. 

The Pound and the Fury 

Start with an innocent enough pound, but proceed to scream incoherently until they put you away. 

# Pound 

Hold right arm up in front of you as if about to swing down a hammer. Cross left arm over right arm with wrist just above the right elbow. Partner arranges arms in same position except with left wrist placed just below the right wrist. The two of you together then make contact to make a # sign. Points of contact should be left elbow and right wrist for you, left elbow and right elbow for partner. 


Pound normally, but narrate the entire exchange and pontificate on the origins of the pound to any present bystanders. 

Dog Pound 

Start with a pound, but as soon as you make contact, flop your tongue out of your mouth and begin rapidly stamping one foot on the floor uncontrollably. "Attaboy..." 

Genghis Pound 

Start with a normal enough pound, then slaughter the other participant. 

George W. Pound 

Lie to the Nation, then do a sweet 'Zounds of Pounds' with your boy Dick Cheney. 

The Pound 5 

One party holds out a fist as if to pound, and the other party, instead of pounding, slaps the fist a mid-5. The second party then reciprocates. 

This is the pound of the future. 

24 Pounds 

A pound performed with Teague Murphy, the precocious 1 year-old pound master of Williamstown, Massachusetts. The name comes from Teague's present weight (that's a lot of poundage per pound!). Some people have suggested that "24 Pounds" could also be known as "Pound of Baby". 

The Ezra Pound 

Execute an exploding pound while reciting Pound's poem "Salutation." 

If a tree falls in the woods and no one's there to hear it, does it make a pound?

Go into a forest and pound a small tree until it falls over. 

Pound of Tea

Begin as if for a normal right handed pound, but lift your pinky fingers and pound with the remaining three fingers, with a similar configuration to a proper teacup-grip. 

Pound Check

Execute a normal pound, but at first contact, say "testing" and tap fists rhythmically while one person says "one...two...three." Repeat as necessary, adjusting volume.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


       So, for whatever reason, there is a fork near our school, it's about halfway between the school and the bike shed, and almost every day I go by this fork. It is a markedly bizzare place to find a piece of cutlery. I would wager it was secretly stolen from the cafeteria. But anyway, I saw this fork for the zillionth time today, and something inside me seemed to pity the poor thing. This is a post about how we are kind of like this fork. Or at least how I percieved this. 
        Now, I see this fork every morning and afternoon. But it moves, and since the wind isn't really strong enough to lift a piece of metal like that, I would assume it spends its day being kicked around. Across the gravel, every morning and evening, getting kicked and scratched. Today was a rainy day, and the ground was loose and muddy, so today the fork was covered in dirt and mud. I noticed this fork, and something within me seemed to feel for this fork. It's nothing like me, it's small and looked about as useless as a wet match, but something in me wanted to care for this fork. So I just kind of went with the flow, and picked it up. The first thing was to clean the mud off this fork. It was covered in mud. I took off one of my gloves, and this reminded me of the intimacy God shows with us. He wants to be close to us and relate to us on a personal level, to wipe us clean with his own hands.
       So I'm wiping the filth off this fork, and my hands are getting filthy. there's mud all over them. I have taken this fork's dirtiness upon myself. But, I can wipe it off and make myself clean. This fork has no such capability, it could never clean itself. And as it started to become clean, I noticed all these words on it, things that told me who made it, what qualities, it possessed. It said: "Stainless steel". This was a fork that could be cleaned and made as good as new. Anyway, the question is now coming, how am I going to take this home? I decided to put it close to me, in my pocket. It might risk messing up the other stuff in my pocket, but I didn't really care. So once I got home, I wanted to cleanse it more thoroughly. I noticed the hardest parts to get clean were the parts where it had been scratched. The mud ran deep into these gouges, and I really understood that, because I think it's hard to allow ourselves to be made clean when the problem is deep inside a would we have been dealt. 

    And that's how I think we are like forks. The fork is now upstairs on my bookshelf next to 5 stones and an acorn, other representations of lessons I have learned. I like this fork.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I was thinking some , and reading some today, and I noticed a few things that might seem kinda obvious. I'm doing this thing where I swap between reading a chapter of old testament, and a chapter of new testament day by day, and reading the old testament is kinda different. I suppose that's another blog though. At any rate, I was looking back over how man in general, and israel has messed up, and it's so sad, but also almost funny how dumb we can all be, but also kinda beautiful that God still loves us and gives us our 45292th chance when we screw up. As we all know, God gave us the perfect world, and we decided to turn away.  kaplowy, our first big mess up. Cain gets jealous and kills Abel. Another big mess up. Most everyone on the face of the planet (except for noah and his family) decide to do whatever they want, and there has to be a flood.

The israelites eventually become enslaved by egypt, and suffer years and years and years of horrible slavery. Through moses, God delivered the Israelites using amazing miracles that would probably make my head explode if I actually saw them. He leads them through the Red sea, and drowns all the egyptians chasing them. He then leads them through the wilderness using a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night. I think I would have liked the fire one better, that one sounds pretty awesome to me. But I guess cloud would be pretty sweet too! And after three days, they have not had any water, and begin to grumble against Moses. I can really relate to that, I mean, sometimes when things don't happen when I want them to, or when I expect them to, I know I can lose sight of God's omniscience. Like God's gonna come back and say "Sorry, I was on the phone, what did I miss?" But he always knows what we're going through, and went through it, and worse, himself. I guess me and the Israelites lose sight of that sometimes. They finally hit the promised land, and God has said to them that he will deliver the people currently occupying it into their hands. But the guys currently occupying it are giants. Huge guys. The people Moses sent to spy on the promised land come back, and with a few exceptions, tell the Israelites that it's all over, the current tennants are freaking garganuan, we're doomed. And for this, they have to wander in the wilderness for 40 more years. They set up a king against God's better judgement, eventually, and here's the part that I realised today. 

I often have a bit of trouble meshing the old testament and the new testament together. I kinda forget sometimes that the pharasees and jews that jesus spoke to were the same Israelites that the nation of Israel was in the old testament. So, God sends his son to earth, to show us the way, and we killed him. It'd be like someone calling you up, telling you they need someone to talk to, and then beating the crap out of you when you showed up, yelling  "Burglar! Burglar!" I don't know, it just kinda hit me that we turned away from God, killed his creations, lived for ourselves, grumbled against him after all he had done for us, set up our own king, and then what's the topper? We actually took his son and nailed him to a piece of wood in one of the most gruesome and excruciating deaths imaginable. And he still loves us. Sometimes I find it easy to believe God is Love, because he actually acts like Love. All the time. We turn against him and spit in his eye and do all sorts of awful things to him and each other, but he still wants us to be with him and likes us. There's no way for him to act outside of Love. Sometimes that Love might manifest itself in ways we might not understand, like a flood, or 3 days without water, but he is Love, and Loves us completely. It's absolutely crazy how awesome that is.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Captain's stardate: eleven one oh nine

So, I was going to do this big post about a bible study I heard at church today, and how moving it was, it was about bitterness and the wilderness and forgiveness and dissapointment and pizza and hate crimes against white shirts. It was going to be deep and profound. But then I got a headache and now I can't think straight, so I'm going to tell you about something I did. I did something that I have never, ever, in all my days, heard of being done before. I am a little proud of myself for taking what is a fairly common practice, and changing the method, but not the concept. I presume that if you are reading this, you are aware of what rickrolling is. The idea is that you send a link to someone, and they click it, and then they watch an 80's music video by rick astley, called "Never gonna give you up". Here's an example:

Jeff: "Hey steven, check it out, there's this picture I found of a fire, it's really cool."
Steven: "Ok! I believe you and trust you to send me the real link."
Jeff: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0"
Steven: "Oh no! I have been Rickroll'd! Jeff, I trusted you! How could you do this to me! I want a divorce!"

Ok, that was pretty much how it goes up until the end. At any rate, I decided to physically mail my friend, Nicole a rickroll. She said she loves to recieve letters, and she's pretty into the whole internet shebang, so I figured she would appreciate the joke. And she did! I wonder if historians will look upon that moment as my finest hour.

Friday, January 9, 2009


I would like to say some words on behalf of yesterday. I was going to write about yesterday yesterday, but I ran out of time.

Yesterday was man's turn to write on the sky. The sky was completely cloudless all day. But someone decided that wasn't quite good enough, and jets decided to scrawl white on the sky. Their paths crisscrossed, and ultimately faded after a time. But they still tried to write on the sky, tirelessly. Evening fell, and God decided to lend the jets a hand in their attempts to enrich. The jets no longer wrote, but painted. The whole world fell in half, opposite, but joined and blended, oil and water at peace with one another. The sun took the it's poppy, and the moon took it's lavender. The whole world was wrapped like a gift in these two colours, and for a time, our painting became holy on an evening sky, each stroke of our homage to clouds was filled with hues of orange and purple, opposites in breathtaking harmony. Impossible, but beautiful from the one who created it. It was one of those moments when  you see why people call the sunset a miracle.

I have noticed I seem to be following religion. This is lame, and also sucks. I feel I have just been sitting down, and saying words. Not to anyone in particular, maybe out of habit more than actual conversation. I have been reading my bible daily, and I have learned, but I still feel disconnected. I have been following the rules, but have forgotten why. I think I just slipped into habit, into routine, and then just let myself fall asleep from there. Just saying the same words over and over again without realising it or really thinking about it. I am trying to seek God now. I sat down, and actually talked to God not as a father, as a teacher, or as a brother, but as a friend who knows what I'm going through. I feel I have started to need answers, to need "progress". I thought about this before, and the thought of having "Jesus" be the answer actually started to make a lot of sense. I don't really know how to explain it that well, I feel it seems to be beyond my scope of words, most of which I seem to just rely on the label things upon which labels do not fit. Just, having jesus as the answer. Like, almost as though the problem did not need a set resolution, it needed a why instead of a how. I don't know how to describe it. It is beyond words.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A night to remember

So, I spent tonight helping at a retirement party for the wardens of ovoca manor, a wonderful place to discover God. It was cold, and me and some friends were directing traffic. I was standing there and was just thinking to myself "Yeah, real important here, just wave your arms in one direction and try not to catch hypothermia, I guess." Then some absolutely wonderful lady said to me "Thanks so much, really great work, I mean, nobody likes to do the dirty jobs, but someone has to!" I just say this, because it really reminded me that God can really speak to us through the people around us and what would seem to be wacky co-incidences. It was really fantastic and I was waggling my arms with a smile throughout the night :) The evening went well, apparently said Wardens have climbed approximately 1.7 million steps in their 27 years working at ovoca. Absolutely crazy! I would imagine adjusting to life will be a little crazy, I mean, living up at Ovoca for 27 years would be kinda crazy to change from. I mean, that's not a job. That's your life. Which makes their sacrifice all the more wonderful that they would just completely integrate their lives in this building and it's work, though I guess they'd have to have loved it, otherwise they probably would have snapped by now! It was a fun night, and good times were had by all. Upon returning home, I recieved news..

Turns out Israel launched a full ground assault on Gaza.

It smacks of the same sort of rude awakening I recieved an early september morning. I mean, really, this day was going to be good. It was a blue, cloudless sky, the sun had warmed the whole earth, just for me. Dad hadn't even left for work yet, and mom was making him bacon for breakfast! She basically never did that. I think I even got a piece! I actually, actually even had the song "Mayberry" stuck in my head. Yes, this was gonna be one awesome day. The phone rang, and guess who? Our Irish relatives! I hadn't seen Aunt Hilary for years and years! "What? No, David's  fine, why? There's what? A what? David, she wants to talk to you." She ran downstairs and turned on the news. It was the beginning of something awful that would end up in a misplaced war, and the loss of thousands of lives, on both sides.

I don't know much about the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, my dad explained some of it to me tonight, but at the end of the day, this is just bad news. Another war. This means that someone's son is going to die. Innocent bystanders are going to die. There will be orphans and widows and loss. Someone very dear is going to be lost. This is a big deal. I know they have been at it for years and years and years, but this sort of thing just drives me crazy. Lots of people are going to die. If Iran, who is backing Israel's opponents, gets involved, this thing is going to escalate fast. I don't know. I just hate how we go to war with each other and people's sons and daughters have be killed, and there have to be orphans, but what I really hate is how I can't love my neighbor like I should. Because at the end of the day, we're all perfectly capable of doing all of this, and worse. The soldier who is willing to maim innocent bystanders in "Collateral Damage" is just Lorcan with darker skin. I was going to say older, but they actually conscript people about my age. And it's all to do with our sinful nature, a choice with an apple, and how I get pissed off at people and ignore my brother  and give out to people and judge people as less than me. And how we're all like this and after this war there's going to be another somewhere else and someone else's son is going to have to die, and someone's child will be hit by shrapnel and will never recover from his injuries. I guess all we can do is for a quick resolution, and for peace.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Back from the catmeister's! It was loads of fun, and now, without further ado, craploads of Yugioh the abridged series jokes.

Attention Mother! My hair is crying!
I am not a freaky fish guy!
Shutup Mokuba.
Screw the rules, I have money!
Screw the rules, I have green hair!
Screw the money, I have rules!  .... Wait, let me try that again.
I spy with my little eye, something beginnning with "Gay Clown".

Said quotes were used excessively, and with great enthusiasm. It was a good 3 and a half days, we almost formed some sort of miniature family! Shortest blog post ever, but that should be good news. Also, go look up yugioh the abridged series. Best viewed with other silly people in the room.

It gets better over time!We watched all 32 episodes of this, and a movie. Yes. We also spent about an hour and half playing pokemon pinball! It was good fun!