Monday, January 26, 2009

Weird dream!

I'm running out of titles, ok?

I wanted to blog about a wacky dream I had last night! I don't dream much, at least, not anything interesting, but this was pretty wacky. Ok, so, I don't remember all of it, but I remember at the begginning I was on some sort of quest with some girl, and we had to do something. I think she had a knight's armor too. Anyway, we're in suburbia, and we're walking up to this guy's outdoor shack kinda thing. And there's this locked wire link door thing that leads into a basement, and what we need is in there. I think it was a friend who needed our help or something. So we're walking up to the concrete outside, and there's this guy with shades on, smoking. He uttered a cryptic warning to me, I think it was something about a dog. Me and the girl with me look inside the concrete room, which, oddly, doesn't have a roof.  She offered to go in, it seemed like a decision of great gravity. FALLOUT 3 SPOILERS, AVERT YOUR EYES PHILLY BILLY! Given the suit of armor, the fact it was a lady, and the choice of sacrifice involved, it seems similar to the end of fallout 3! perhaps I played to much of that recently. ALL SAFE NOW PHIL! But in the end, I decided to go in myself. So I'm walking up to the door with this big-ass key in my hand, when suddenly, from around the corner, comes cerberus, the three headed dog of Hades, teeth like ivory tusks gnashing at my feet. So I'm freaking out, and running like my life depends on it. Which it does. And every time he goes to take a chomp out of my posterior, his chain stops just short, sparing me. But he keeps chasing me, his chain only seems to run out of space when he is about to bite me, it was very strange. I suppose it could be interpreted lots of ways. But it was weird, and I like weird dreams.

In the last part of the dream, I dreamt I was in Team fortress 2, playing the spy, with a new unlocked thing that let you run faster and stab people in the back more quickly! It was awesome, it was a tiny little knife that didn't really work, and then me and a scout got in an argument over whether or not they could use one! But I played the spy for about a good solid hour before I went to bed, so surprise surprise where that one came from!
            The 2nd part of the dream was me at school, hanging out outside the C floor lockers, waiting for school to start. For some reason, Nicola says "Man, I miss those times way back when."  "What times?" I say.  "Before everyone was mad at me because I shot you!" she said with a wry grin.  "Aw, it's ok, it's all in the past!" For some reason in the dream, I genuinely remember her accidently shooting me. Only later as I groggily shambled to the shower, did I realize that in fact, Nicola had never actually shot me!                Which is weird, because might I just say, Nicola is a great person. She is one of my favorite kinds of people. My first genuine interaction with her, was when she and her friend spent a good solid week trying to cheer me up. Unfortunately I was very self-obsessed and it ended up kinda backfiring in the end, but the genuine care she showed in trying to make my life a happier place to live is a great inspiration, and after me and God got a relationship going on, looking back, she was very kind. And even after, she's been a great lass. Quite a thinker, quite a compassionate character, and a bunch of fun! She's got a hilarious laugh, and quite the grin, these two are probably related because she can fit her fist in her mouth! Seriously, it's awesome. It's also nice at parties to have one of the cool kids not drinkin' to, because she doesn't drink! I mean, once again, not that there's anything wrong with drinking, but it's nice to have a few people not drinking, I guess! She's got this lovely lad called Sebo, they've been dating for over a year! Can you believe that? They're like the exception that proves the rule, that teen relationships actually are capable of lasting more than a few months, it's quite the harbinger of hope! Their Love for each other is really quite the awesome. She had a few pearls of wisdom on relationships that she shared with our school's christian union last friday, she is fond of honesty and bringing things up when there's a problem! That makes a lot of sense to me. They look so cute when they ride bikes together! XDI say all this because she once told me that she had planned to hold some big party or other to get a mention in my blog. She reads it every tuesday, so I thought I would give her a shoutout, and say how wicked awesome she is. Also, she didn't shoot me.

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Bernard said...

I love dreams...

Especially as mine are exceptionally weird....

I must do a bloggage on them!