Wednesday, January 14, 2009


       So, for whatever reason, there is a fork near our school, it's about halfway between the school and the bike shed, and almost every day I go by this fork. It is a markedly bizzare place to find a piece of cutlery. I would wager it was secretly stolen from the cafeteria. But anyway, I saw this fork for the zillionth time today, and something inside me seemed to pity the poor thing. This is a post about how we are kind of like this fork. Or at least how I percieved this. 
        Now, I see this fork every morning and afternoon. But it moves, and since the wind isn't really strong enough to lift a piece of metal like that, I would assume it spends its day being kicked around. Across the gravel, every morning and evening, getting kicked and scratched. Today was a rainy day, and the ground was loose and muddy, so today the fork was covered in dirt and mud. I noticed this fork, and something within me seemed to feel for this fork. It's nothing like me, it's small and looked about as useless as a wet match, but something in me wanted to care for this fork. So I just kind of went with the flow, and picked it up. The first thing was to clean the mud off this fork. It was covered in mud. I took off one of my gloves, and this reminded me of the intimacy God shows with us. He wants to be close to us and relate to us on a personal level, to wipe us clean with his own hands.
       So I'm wiping the filth off this fork, and my hands are getting filthy. there's mud all over them. I have taken this fork's dirtiness upon myself. But, I can wipe it off and make myself clean. This fork has no such capability, it could never clean itself. And as it started to become clean, I noticed all these words on it, things that told me who made it, what qualities, it possessed. It said: "Stainless steel". This was a fork that could be cleaned and made as good as new. Anyway, the question is now coming, how am I going to take this home? I decided to put it close to me, in my pocket. It might risk messing up the other stuff in my pocket, but I didn't really care. So once I got home, I wanted to cleanse it more thoroughly. I noticed the hardest parts to get clean were the parts where it had been scratched. The mud ran deep into these gouges, and I really understood that, because I think it's hard to allow ourselves to be made clean when the problem is deep inside a would we have been dealt. 

    And that's how I think we are like forks. The fork is now upstairs on my bookshelf next to 5 stones and an acorn, other representations of lessons I have learned. I like this fork.


Nicoley said...

You never cease to amaze me with the inspiring lessons you draw out of otherwise mundane things.

Patrick Kavanagh would be proud.

Bernard said...

Wow... Just Wow...

I like the idea though, that God will still mind and clean us stainless, even though we mess up his gloves and/ or pocket :)

Phiasmir said...

Thank you :)