Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I recently bought new A4 sized books for maths and applied maths, equations have this tendency to absolutely devour paper for me. And I think about this every now and again, how beautiful writing is. I mean, not even composing words and sentences, I mean writing at all. I like to use the word 'inscribe', because well, inscribe sounds awesome, and makes scribbling down formulas sound more epic! I was thinking, those books really are, at this stage, just paper stuck together. But after a month or so, they will be full of knowledge. Full of the experiences that I've learned in my classes. As of now, they're practically worthless. But the only reason we have paper is so that we can write! To jot down what we have learned, which helps us remember better.  I just love that certain true, timeless quality that inscription has. I mean, just the fact that I know all this stuff that all those dead geniuses didn't is something of a testament to education in itself! I mean, in Fallout 3, the only people that matter for half a damn are the scientists. You've got a gun? Pfft, who's gonna fix the world? We need clean water. The most valuable things in the game are books, the lost knowledge like v=u+at. The ruined, destroyed books are worthless, just half-burnt pieces of paper. But anything solid, anything true in the Capital Wasteland is worth far more, whether it's a single bottle of clean water, or even a child's comic book that survived the ages. 

          That's another thing I love about Physics and Applied maths. But somehow, even moreso for applied maths. Formulas. I would marry formulas, if I could, and I would wager I may someday try to! They are true. Incorruptable. At least, the good ones are. To some degree, some of them are fallable, or only work in certain situations, but the really good ones, the ones I want to have little baby formulas with, are the ones that work everywhere. Like the principle of the conservation of energy. No matter where you go, or what you do, this applies. I think it's cool that we get to step in and see the cogs at work in our universe, things that make the universe tick, without which all would fall into chaos, these beautiful things, unbreakable things, and we get to study them! I think that's pretty rad.

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