Friday, August 29, 2008

First Post

            Hello, this is my first post. Once upon a time, me and a friend decided to start simultaneous blogs. She started hers, I got bogged down and scared over what to call it, and chickened out. Fast forward a few weeks to the start of school, in english class. Our teacher tells us that we need to start a "Personal Response Journal". Now what this is, I have no idea. I have never heard of such a thing. She goes on to explain that it's more or less what we want it to be. Write a paragraph, a quote, a sentence, anything in it, just do it. Things sprung to mind. Thing to write, things that I had heard, things that could be written down.
              But first, let me tell you something about myself. I am a very personal person. I like to know things about people, and I don't like settling for aquaintances if it can be avoided. Because the only real sort of interaction that is worth having with people is with that person. Or at the very least, knowing a person well enough to know why they do the things they do. Though you can never truly understand some people, but I like to try at any rate. And if I get to know someone really well, I hang them over a volcano just to be sure that they haven't been holding out on me. (It's a Firefly joke, watch "War stories") And as a personal person, I'm not a very private person. Maybe I'm not, I don't know. I like to share bits of my life story with people. Suppose I wouldn't be creating a blog if I didn't. 
             So, with that out of the way, I just wanted to say that I decided to make it a blog instead of a private diary journal thing, well, unfortunately not out of a sense of wanting to share my life, but out of a need to express myself without feeling crazy. I've tried to keep diaries in the past, but they never last, I always just feel so weird writing stuff down. Who am I writing it to? Why? And I always just feel like I'm crazy when I'm writing it down. But I always think I'm secretly crazy. The trick is, how would you know if you were crazy? Probably not until it was too late. I know I'm not crazy, I just think I am. Chalk it up to Danny telling me I'm going to "snap" without warning someday. Now, the question is whether or not to delete that last paragraph out of fear of people thinking I'm a nutter-butter. Oh well! Best be honest and leave it be.
           I suppose that's why I'm making this blog, out of a sense of just doing something without letting the worry of it's cause stop me from doing it.  "I don't have plans, I just do things." -The Joker.
So, that's the first post, whether it's good or not remains to be seen, I'm sure I'll look back in later years on this entry with regret, but hey, that's life, isn't it? Oh, and another thing about me, most of my questions aren't rhetorical.

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