Sunday, August 31, 2008

In time, but out of sync

Our hearts beat in time
Though that moment, sublime,
I feel like a mime
Going through the motions
And I have all these notions
That this isn’t going to last
Though we had a blast
I have to end it now before you get hurt worse

Dragging it out
Filled with such doubt
Tossing the possibilities about
Would rip us to shreds
So let’s not lose our heads
Though we might cry in our beds
The pain will recede
After this deed
I hope you can forgive
And I know that you’ll live
Just fine without me
Cause you’re never alone
In your quiet home
There’s a God in the sky
Who’s there when you cry
And different from me
He loves unconditionally 
So though this will hurt
And I’ll feel like a jerk
I hope that we get through this ok
And I hope that I can be your friend
After these wounds begin to mend

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