Saturday, November 15, 2008


Holy crap and a half you guys, I haven't written here in ages and a half! I just realized I said "And a half" twice in a row! At any rate, I will start with the present. Ok, well, not the present, but today. Today I went to an anime convention with my brother, my dear friend catherine (cat) and my new friend, Natasha, the ladyfriend of our dear bernard! The main attraction (other than meeting up with friends old and new XD) of the day was A man called Vic Mignogna, the voice actor for the character "Edward Elric" of Full metal alchemist. He's done other stuff, but I liked Ed best :P Also, I got to watch an anime about a dude with a ponytail who fought big, evil aliens, so that was really cool too! But the interesting thing about today was, as me and Tasha, who I had just seen in person for the first time, were waiting in the epic, smelly, warm queue for Vic Mignogna's autograph, they were selling a few things to be signed, like pictures of Ed all fancy-like, and 1 picture of him looking quite dashing and handsome in a darkly lit room with a short sleeved red t-shirt. Also, they were selling CD's he had made himself, one of which was called "Gospel of John". I figured this was just one of those types of thing they sometimes do in Anime where they make vague christian references to sound mysterious and cool, so I just wrote it off. Anywho, we're waiting in the queue, and Tasha says that he is apparently christian! I meet this statement with slight hesitance but a little hope, as I am mixed with my opinions that famous people can be fake about this, but genuine people who actually believe that are famous can be such an inspiration, as someone who really does believe this sort of thing in a place like celebrity can be quite a rare thing!

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