Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nero's New trick!

Today my cat Einstein, and my Brother's cat, Nero, had a vet appointment. I rolled out of bed somewhere around 9:00, with their appointment at 10:00. I came downstairs, got a drink of water, let Nero out, then waited around for a bit. A voice came from upstairs: "You didn't just let Nero out, did you?" Oh dookie. "You'd better catch him now!" My dad shouted angrily from upstairs. Clothed only in my long johns , a t-shirt, and my slippers, I ventured forth into the snow-covered landscape. Luckily, Nero had not gone far. Standing on the garden wall, he looked me in the eyes, a twinge of fear in his, a twinge of pleading in mine. His body tensed, and in that moment I knew that this was going to be a bad start to the morning. The chase had begun!

        He scampered off into our front garden, making light tracks in the icy snow. I quickly pattered after him, trying to maintain a balance between speed and not falling on my arse. We then went through a pattern of him running around on the snow, hiding under a car, then jumping over into a neighbor's front garden. I am thankful it was early enough in the morning that nobody was out doing anything, for if you had been there, you would have seen a man clothed in slightly more than underwear attempting parkour in the snow. This went on for 2 or 3 times, before he went into someone's back garden and scurried under their porch. At this point, I thought I might try a stakeout. I even uttered a quiet prayer, I'm serious! Lo and Behold the small furry critter snuck out and poked his head 'round the corner, and I managed to corral him away from the porch. Unfortunately, he lept over into someone else's backgarden behind a door, and I could imagine the police arresting me in my underoos for tresspassing, so I went home, a broken and defeated man.
           After a while, I spotted him in the back garden, and my mom suggested we bribe him with tuna. So I'm shuffling outside, while grappling with the tuna can, and it opens juuuuust a little too quickly, getting tuna juice on my jumper. I now smell quite fishy, and as I look up from my tuna-laden mess, I realize that Nero has scampered off somewhere again. I leave the can of tuna our back garden and shuffle back into the house. As I watch from the window, Nero crawls closer and closer to the can, until he starts hastily chowing down on the tuna. I exit the house and cautiously manouver towards him, each step drawing him that much closer to scampering off. I take a step, and he scurries off, stopping after a few feet. "Come on Nero, there's tasy tuna, come get some." I coo in a reassuring voice. He crawls back. Another step sends him scampering again. He returns. But one step eventually proves one step too far, and he runs off for good. I bring the tuna inside. 20 minutes until the appointment. They'll have to reshedule him. That'll cost money, and my dad will be quite upset. Nero pops up onto the windowsill. My dad says "Hey Nero, you want in?" He opens the door. Nero comes in. "He's mocking me, you know. He's just mocking me, dad." I walk into the dining room, and say to my brother:
"Hey Grant, your cat learned a new trick."
"Oh yeah? What trick is that?"
My face turns from a smile to a demeanour as icy as my feet.


Bernard said...

Haha, cats dont like me either.
They bite and scratch me.

That said, i bite and scratch them back.

Nicoley said...


Funny story :L

Cats like to toy with people, it's true!

Guess Who?? said...

evil cats there worse than jojo (the stuck up parot in the pet shop where I work) on the plus side they cant beak you finger with a bite!!!

Phiasmir said...

No, but they can scratch you!