Thursday, February 19, 2009

When it rains it pours....

Ahhh friiiiiick. I just knocked over a mug of tea, getting the table, my brother's keyboard, and his nano wet. It's still in the functional grey zone, it's working, but the buttons are unresponsive, trapped in a purgatory between "Absolutely fine" and "Absolutely bricked". Hopefully it starts working again, otherwise it'll be another 200 euro to get a new one. Today I went about looking for cheap bikes after mine got stolen. Yesterday, I went to get a new phone, I guess that's a different blog though. I'm still looking for a pair of shoes I like after my old ones went kaput after wear, tear, and warping due to total saturation. In short, I will have to take out a little under 1000 euro to pay for the total financial dookie I have so certainly thrust myself into this month. This accompanied with a lecture from my parents every time the topic comes up. Man, right about now I could do with a bagpacking to raise funds for all this crap! BLEH!

Going to Connect tomorrow, hopefully things start to look up once I get out of the county. As I've said, I live a very blessed life, with all my physical needs taken care of, it's just that having this much money chucked out of your savings in the one time is pretty stressful. 

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Bernard said...

When your iPod 'bricks', just turn hold on then off, then hold the middle and menu button for about 5 seconds till the screen changes. The ipod resets itself and all is well.