Thursday, April 2, 2009

The time has arrived.

So yeah, the big day has finally come. I was moreso focusing on what I was going to do as opposed to where I was going to do it. Zambia in my mind was basically next door, and other than not looking people in the eye (Cultural thing), that was about the most hassle there would be. Which isn't a bad thing, I mean, it is important to focus on what you're going to be doing. People are people, and we're not all that differnent. But as I was packing tonight, it hit me that I was going to be getting on a plane.

Planes take you to other places.
You've never gotten off a plane in a foreign place and recognised it.

It will be different.
There will be airport security.
Airport security. 
Dear Lord. Airport security. If things go badly, they check your butt for drugs.
Drugs. Malaria. You could actually get it.
And the group. If you get seperated
Immediately. In an excruciating manner.

And then my brain just basically caught fire with worry. But I remembered the Lord, and that he took care of his followers. Some were killed because of their faith in him, but it was never his plan for any of us to suffer. He Loves me, and will watch over me. No Harm can come to me while I am there. I should not fear that which destroys the body, but that which destroys the spirit. In that respect, I think I will be safer in Zambia than I ever have been at home. And even, even in the chance that something horrible should transpire, I am bulletproof.  O death, where is your sting? I would be sent right up to the father. Disease? Well, that would hurt. But life is more than health. I need to sleep now. Goodnight folks. Oh, and if I explode or something, I Lorcan Murphy, being of yada yada yada, want all my stuff given to the poor. Unless Grant owns it too. That wouldn't be very fair.

"And if my God is with me, whom then shall I fear? Whom then shall I fear? Oh no, you never let go, through the calm and through the storm, oh no, you never let go, Lord, you never let go of me..." -Worship song

Btw, I'm gonna upload journals that I do while I'm there. :P See you on the 13th!

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Bernard said...

Bye man!!!!

I've already had malaria :P