Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yhatzee, bingo, score, and other jubilations!

So, Contrary to moods of late, I have been feeling much better recently. It started with Discipleship late sunday evening, I love discipleship. Well, to be more precise, I love Jonathan, my youth pastor guy (In a totally Heterosexual and appropriate christian manner, just so that nobody accidentally sues him). It is so very relieving to be able to say what is going on in your life in a totally honest and open manner. I think if I said "You know Jonathan, I'm currently high as a kite on about a monkey's fistfull of valium right now", I honestly don't think he would think less of me. He would care, of course, but, something about him tells me that he cares about people, full stop. A Blameless Elder indeed.  We discussed all the sort of things you discuss with a church Elder (I only found out he was an elder, apparently he calls them all "old fogies", lol!), you know, faith issues, Christian Unions, Vomiting zombies, rage, prayer, heaven, all that good stuff (and yes, I did mean vomiting zombies.) It is just so great to be able to get all that stuff off your chest, it doesn't seem so big once it's out, you know? And to have someone to pray for you, that always means so much to me. Praying together, man, there is something so wonderful about it. I've felt so distant from God lately, this felt like a checkup from a Doctor, and I was once again reminded that there is life in following God, it's not all just for nothing. Ahhhh, I do love God. Jonathan really shows me God. By proxy (and otherwise), I love Jonathan! But onto tonights topic: Mock interviews. Dun dun duuuun!

Yes, our school does "Mock Interviews", and I had decided to put myself down for "Youth Pastor". The way it works is the parent's association goes to the effort of tracking down a bazillion interviewers to interview us students, and we put down our names in the hopes of getting someone to interview us. (Ok, at this stage, this post is a week late, so I will keep it simple.) I asked for "youth pastor" and they gave me "Youth worker". At first, I was afraid of whether or not it would be conisdered in a religious setting, so I prayed about it and asked God to help me in the interview. Midway through the interview, a person I had actually worked with in the past by the name of Susan, who works as a youth pastor came in to interview me! It was really sweet. I keep forgetting God does wonderful things and actually does things. Getting better at remembering though.

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