Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing a friend to TF2

So, now my friend Damian has joined the ranks of me and Nexus as TF2 players. Insofar as that we play that game, not that we are 'playas' in the sense of being ladies' men. Anyway, back on topic, this was dear Damo's first time playing Team Fortress two, so all the basics had to be covered. After some trouble with his firewall, I found an empty dustbowl server and settled in, waiting for him to join. I selected spy class with the cloak and dagger, and he joined the server. Luckily, alltalk was enabled, so I was able to just chat to him over the microphone. "Pick a class, and wander about", I said. "I'll find you soon enough." I went invisible, and snuck off to explore the map and see where he was. I found him in one of the tunnels, he had selected the Heavy class. "Perfect, that's the easiest class to learn!" thought to myself. I decloaked in front of him, in introduced him to the wonderful world of Team fortress 2.

We covered weapon basics, firing your weapon, reloading your weapon, spinning up the minigun in preparation, ammo packs, medkits, all that good stuff. I even showed him how a spy can instantly backstab any enemy that's not facing him for an instant kill. I apologised shortly after murdering him. :P He found the complex abilities of the spy pretty cool, mainly the whole invisibility and disguising thing. Unfortunately, the server then crashed, but we managed to find another suitably empty one, Gravel pit. Here, he learned about the other classes through experience, always coming back as a different class to try something new. I introduced capturing and defending controll points to him:

"Ok Damo, your goal is to capture this controll point. You just capture it by standing on it. Unfortunately, since I'm a defender, and I'm standing on it too, you can't capture it while I'm standing on it. So you need to get me off this plattform."
*Damo Fires a rocket into Phiasmir's face*
*Phiasmir's body explodes into a thousand itty bitty pieces*
*controll point captured*
"Good work, young padawan."

I then explained the constant battle between spies and pyros to him:

"Ok Damo, I'm a pyro, and you're a spy. We are mortal enemies. You should be afraid of me. Because I can..."
*Damo begins shooting Phiasmir in the face with his revolver*
"Hey! Hey! Not that afraid...."

After *accidentally* killing him as a pyro, and after we had practiced all the ins-and-outs of the classes, from headshots to sentry guns, we decided to try our hands at a real, live-fire match online. This was good fun! Damo stuck with what he knew, the heavy. And I decided to play Medic, to give him a healing hand when he needed it. 
Our first try had it's ups and downs, and it appeared Damian had contracted some...  problems.

..Oh dear. Well, I healed him up anyway, it's just an arrow to the brain!

We encountered the same problem again and again, the eternal struggle of large russian men and medieval weaponry implanted in their brain.

Triumph! Arrow through your cerebellum or not, teamwork with an Ubercharge allowed us to win the day!

Damo did really well for his first go, I'm looking forward to contintuing to show him the ropes and train with him! Arrows or not.

"Every one of you deserves a medal!" - The Soldier, Team fortress 2

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