Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pet peeve #192195

Just wanted to rant for a second. This is one of my small pet peeves. One of many, I assume, but that's for another day. My pet peeve: Background noise. I think I'm about the only person who actually has this pet peeve, for most people it enhances or supplements what they are doing. But this drives me nuts. Unfortunately, it applies to most anything. My brother has a podcast playing right now, "Geeknights". Now, I usually love Geeknights, but when it's background noise, it drives me crazy. BN always just splits my focus. Unfortunately, my focus tends not to break evenly, and this just strains my brain. It's given me headaches in the past, call it a man's lack of ability to multitask, or a personal quirk if you don't want to seem sexist! Unfortunately, this means I can't listen to music when I do other stuff. Anything that requires active thought, anyway, which is why I love doing chores, I've scrubbed many a toilet to the melodious voice of Regina Spektor.

For some reason, I am noticing when the clock doubles up. I used to just try to use this as a way to remind myself to pray, but now it's just getting unnerving. Like just now, the clock displayed "14:14". I know that I look at the clock a zillion times a day and this does not happen, but for some reason I've been noticing it when it happens more frequently, and it's just getting a little creepy at this stage. Playing lots of Sims 2.

"23! 23! 23! 23!" - Jim Carrey, "The number 23"


Nicoley said...

I have music playing while on the PC about 95% of the time. It's so boring without it! That's probably why I have such high play counts, I am constantly listening to music.


Phiasmir said...

I just can't focus with it!


NicolAAAAH said...

Yay we're the same!! I can't stand it either...I never have the sound on on my computer! I rarely even listen to music when I'm walking down the road...just can't concentrate! Glad I'm not a freak!!