Thursday, September 18, 2008


So! This post is about a feather I found in Ovoca. Well, no, not really, it's all going to get very metaphorical. But anyway.
I was walking down the steps from ovoca manor (You can even see the stairs! :D ) And something caught my eye. Something was falling from the sky. Right next to a tree. It was like something out of a dream, there was a ray of light piercing the dense forest, and something was falling through this ray of light. I had to know what it was. I wandered over through the underbrush, and after a little bit of rooting, I found what it was. A feather. A downy feather, to be precise. This means it had likely been shed from a nest higher up. It's what's left over from something's growth. Upon closer inspection, as you might notice, this wasn't what you would expect down to look like. Down's supposed to be some sort of magical white fluff that stuffs pillows and feels like a cloud. Pure, white. This isn't that. Look at it! There's  grey bits and it's kinda ruffled ang it's got dirt on it, and that looks like some sort of speck of something or other near it's tip. And I think that's how we can (how can, anyway) look at ourselves. Guess it's just more of that "white knight" stuff. If the feather's got dirt on it, it's much better to say "this feather has dirt on it" than to pretend it has no flaws. It was still a pretty feather though, and I'm currently using it as a bookmark, if you must know. Just one last metaphor, then I think I'll be done.

Why did I notice it? If it had been just falling, it would not have caught my glance. In a way, I didn't notice the feather. I noticed the light. We see light all the time. As a matter of fact, you're seeing it right now! Or if you're not, then you're not reading this. Bit of a catch 22. But rarely do we see something that relfects light like this feather did. When it was falling in that dark forest, it looked brilliant. Shining. The feather itself, of course, cannot shine. But the light was reflecting off of it. And this led to curiousity. It's a dark forest, what's this light doing here? I had to know what was going on. So let's hope that God's light will shine on us, the imperfect feathers. And who knows, people might just ask themselves "It's a dark world, what's this light doing here?"

"How will you create the universe?" -Spore (PS: this has nothing to do with the above post, I'm just going ca-razy with spore hype. Can't wait to get it!)


Bernard said...

I like the post, and the tie in to our lives.

ps, have you played the demo for spore?
Its AMAZING!!!!!!!

Nicoley said...

Ok so I love the metaphor of God's light reflecting from us.

Nexus said...

Great post man, really like the whole metaphor.

And nice use of the word "ang" :P