Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a sentence a tree gave me.

I had no tears to shed, but the clouds were willing to share.

Tree dripped water on my cheek, felt like a tear. Kinda nice. Too tired to do a proper blog.

Growth spurts suck. I'm 17 for crying out loud, I thought I was over this! guess I could go for a little more height though. Growth is interesting. As your bones get more calcium added and get longer, they actually strech your muscles and tendons. It is seriously as close as you can get to someone yanking every bit of your body at the same time all the time for a few days. Or I've got a hernia. I just googled Hernia to see how it's spelt, it's not hernia. Turns out a hernia is actually a tiny lumpish thing where there's been a rupture. I thought it was Ahernia, like all one word, but it turns out Hernia is actually a noun all on it's own! So it's not hernia, cause it's all over. Anywho. Night. I didn't want to complain, but this is seriously the most interesting thing that's happened to me all week. Well, there was something interesting that happened today, two young ladies described my hair as "Functional". I was hoping for "Cute", "Studly", or even "Interesting like an anenome", but I suppose it's all about personal taste at the end of the day. Self image is a tricky thing that sucks most of the time and is easily complicated. Best not dwell. Unless if you should try to fix it. Who knows. Are you supposed to know? Believe it or not, this is how I sound most of the time in my own head. You should visit sometime. Not in winter though, I'm booked solid with nostalgia and poignancy. If that's a word. I was gonna say bittersweet, but I'm not sure if that'd work. Who knows. Are you supposed to know?

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Bernard said...

My hair is amazing :L

that said, i do like your hair. It has it's good days :)

as for growth spurts, Im not sure if i want another one... my height is 'functional' at the moment, but give it 2 years and ill be short :P