Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just a thought.

I was walking around trying to get bag-packing options for my school's habitat for humanity fundraising, and I just thought this. Walking along, saw those sodium lights that line the streets. Had a bit of a brain-ramble, as I do when I'm tired.

Sodium lights.
Hmmm. Sodium. 
Very dangerous. Explodes all the time. Probably a chemical compound. 
Sodium phosphate? Phosphorous. Wonder what that means.
Think sodium's a mineral that humans need .
Funny, we need things that can explode without warning to keep us alive. 
We rely on them. Wonder what else we rely on that can explode without warning.
He said, as the cars drove by.

So just remember next time you're using something, could it explode? dun dun duuuun. Your toaster will never be the same. :P

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