Monday, October 6, 2008

Today, as opposed to yesterday.

Today was interesting. I saw a squirrel! (It was doin' like this *chitter*) For reals, I  was walking from school through the back gate, when two conker casings (them pointy things) fell from a tree, bursting on impact to release 2 conkers. Now, things falling from trees is one of those things that obviously happens, as there is shrapnel on berries and leaves and all sorts of stuff that falls from trees. But one very rarely sees things actually fall from trees in person. I don't, anyway. At any rate, me and my friend Aaron looked up, and saw a grey squirrel scurrying away down the tree, with a tiny conker in it's mouth. It was very adorable. Although grey squirrels are kinda the jerkbags of the animal kingdom. They show up, have loads of sex, and then steal your food. Adorable all the same.

This just in: atoms are crazy. Ca-razy! Apparently, all that I have been told of Bohr's model has been a big load of phooey. And by phooey, I mean horrible lies. In truth, atomic orbitals are crazy, and delve into like, 5 dimentions. 5, people! there are 4 that I know of, and the 5th one changes the way that electrons move! what the crap! It's all very complex, and I love it. It's making sense to me, which is good, because I've been kinda struggling with maths lately. But I'm on the up and up, because I've asked my maths eacher for help, and managed to one-up my brother on quadratics, so that's always an encouragement. :P

Learned "videotape" on piano today, it's super duper easy. You can learn it literally in a few minutes.
Seriously. If you have like, 15 mintues, get some paper, write the chords down, and go learn it. It's just that simple. Fo' reals. Really nice song. 

I was about to do some quote, but THIS. JUST. IN. Toonami has been cancelled. For those of you who watched cartoon network, this was the cool part of it. Toonami had a robot called "TOM", who with his awesome ship's AI "Sarah", sailed the skies in their ship, the "absolution".
The setting aside, Toonami was an offshoot of Cartoon network, that showed anime from the far east. Some of it was golden, memories of which I still recall, and some of the series they showed were real gems. I'm talking cowboy bebop here, people. Tenchi muyo, inuyasha, DBZ, Outlaw star (Ok, so some of them sucked, but they had some good ones, and at least they tried.) 
This was the show that got me into anime, which has since become one of my favorite things to watch, ever, and well, I'll be honest, some of it has really touched me. I'm looking at Cowboy Bebop here. Now, if you don't like anime, the previous statement will no doubt amuse you. But just like any really amazing song or book, the things we experience can really touch us, so don't be so quick to dismiss it. At any rate, toonami is no more, and this is very sad. I can only hope that this wonderful traditional animation style is passed on to future generations. 

Or I'm on a nostalgia binge. Go figure.

"Bang" - Spike

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