Sunday, October 5, 2008

Relient k review thang.

A while ago, friend Nicole once told me about this band called "Relient k", I listened to a few songs she sent me, watched a music video or two, and thought they were quite excellent! However, aquirring such an oddity in the musical world as a christian band required going all the way down to a shop on the northside, so I just kinda put it out of my head. Then, once I discovered the sheer molten joy that is the iTunes online store, I discovered that you could get many songs you want, cheaply, and quickly. So I bought my first Relient k album "Mmhmm" It had "who I am hates who I've been (Mmhmm version)" on it, so that was more than enough reason for me to get it. I liked the music video, kinda,( what's the word. Begins with an R.... recognized? related. That's the one.) I related with the song, I heard it for the first time shortly after I got saved, so it was relevant. Nearly 2 years on, I still find it fairly relevant. And it was quite a nice song alltogether, so I bought the album.

Now's when the blog turns into an AA meeting. 

I loved that album. Listened to it all the time. Sung along to the songs. Loved it like crazy. Read more about the band online, heard about a new release they were doing, but that will be discussed later. I really loved the songs. They were songs that I could relate to (I would kill for a synonym, someone help me out here), +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---

Man, keyboards are nasty. I just tried to shake a bit of carrot out of the keys, and about 2 pounds worth of crumbs fell out. Kinda pressed the plus key too, but I'm trying to go with a thing where I don't erase stuff I write. This will probably end up aggravating people. Let me know. Where were we. PS: I didn't even get the carrot out, it just fell in deeper :(

I related to them because, well, they wrote about things that guys like me think about frequently, namely God and chicks. In truth, that's usually the two categories of what their songs kinda fall into. Oh , and one of my favorite categories of theirs, "silly". They also have some quite funny silly songs. They have some pretty funny songs in their own unique, musical way.
So, after I had sucked out every last bit of enjoyment out of Mmhmm (you gotta give 'em points for the album name), listening to "Who I am hates who I've been (Mmhmm version)" fifty zillion times, (The first version's accoustic and kinda sad sounding, mmhmm's is more of a kick you in the face "YEAH" Kinda song.)  

I thought I'd get another album of theirs. Now, at the time I was going to buy one, they released a new kinda album, "The birds and the bee sides", which I ended up buying. I had heard good things about their other album "Five score and seven years ago" and it's legendary "Deathbed", but I decided to get "The bird and the bee sides", because it came with like, 25 songs. For the price of 14. It's a good album, though it is quantity over quality. There's a lot of good songs on it, but a lot of them are re-done versions of other songs, but they're good, I prefer "Up and up" accoustic to electric. Some new songs as well, so that's good. It also has just a little bit of country in it, but it's done well, and I trusted them enough at that point to pull it off. That lasted me for a good while, and then I bought "5 score and 7 years ago". Quite an album! Very good, though I think I still prefer Mmhmm. Has some really good songs on it, like "I need you" and "Devestation and reform", and of course, the legendary "Deathbed",  A song about a guy who is, you guessed it, on his deathbed, looking back over his life. I once described it to a friend as "a song about a guy who is on his deathbed, looks back over a life filled with mostly pain and misery, and then dies, but goes to be with Jesus once his life has passed." Needless to say, said friend looked at me like I was a magical talking popsicle. It's a great song, and it's 14 minutes long, and also has the lead singer from Switchfoot sing Jesus' lines. I don't know why I mentioned that, but people seem to mention it whenever they talk about the song, so I dunno. I'm probably conformist. Hope not, though I guess we all are a bit. Anyway. Great song, Great band, next up is "Two rights don't make a left but three do". On the reccomendation of Nicole, who introduced me to these guys, so she must know something! I'd reccomend them if you like rock or semi-pop or christianity. Or all three.I am currently Listening to: "Videotape" - Radiohead (I know it should be something by Relient k instead, but at least it's honest!)
Quote: "I love the garlic dick. WAIT! NO! DIP! I MEAN DIP!" -Yours truly. XD


Bernard said...

Deathbed is amazing. full stop :D

Nice post!
Do demon hunter next :L

Phiasmir said...

But I don't listen to demonhunter... >.>