Friday, October 17, 2008

Things only Spore will let you say!

"It's not genocide if there's only three of them, is it?" -on adorably delicious creatures.
"Cool! It's a rat-horse-frog!" -on whatever the crap that was (Kokimo)
"And the chorus rose, a black stench that affronted heaven." - on watchmen and 2 species singing in harmony.
"Lorcan, I've created a race of religious fanatics. What do I do now?" -On peacefulness' natural inclination towards religion.
"Destroy the religious zealots!"-Grant "You always say that. 'hey grant, I'm going up to ovoca', hey grant, my back itches.'"-Me
"I'm heading to the dentist now."-Grant "I'm sorry, what was that? I'm in the middle of wiping out a civilization."-Me

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Bernard said...

cool, i want it :L