Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, went to the dentist today, turns out I have 2 small cavities. This aggravates me. So far, I have not ever had a cavity. This is something I have always prided myself on, and now it is no more. Quite frustrating. When the dentist lady was going over my teeth, she just quietly murmured "You'll need a filling", with about the same inflection as when she asked me how school was. Apparently I have been brushing often enough, but not thouroughly enough. I suppose deep down I'm just pissed off at myself for letting this happen. It'd be allright if fillings were something that could be worked off like pounds you gained at christmas, but alas, these things are permenant. 

Permenance bothers me. In the negative, I mean. The concept that something bad has occured that can never un-occur, never be made right, never rectified. Drives me crazy. I've got my fair share of scars, I've never healed well, but this is something seemingly self-inflicted, so, I dunno. More difficult to face up to something when it's your fault. Stuff like this just drives me crazy.
If I already had some, it wouldn't be so bad, but now it seems like I've fallen from grace, as it were. Gone from nothing bad to something bad, forevers. Very haunting.

I suppose I should stop now, so I shall move onto other things. There was a fire in school today! It was pretty freaky. My Englilsh class was, in a way, partly involved with it. Though I suppose it was unavoidable. I shall elaborate. Our english class went to the computer room, and my teacher forgot to turn off the lights. So, due to an electrical fault, the overhead lighting (Generic fluorescent encased in a plastic box) began to malfunction. When my teacher returned from the computer room, she opened the door to let her class in. Noticing a tiny fire already forming in the lighting fixture, she imformed her class that they would not be going into the classroom. She then ran to find "Sarge", the chief school custodian, as he would know how to deal with this. On returning, the fire had spread, with the plastic melting, raining down pseudo-napalm some desks, which were now on fire, with several books atop it already aflame. Snatching our class's recent, unmarked enflish tests (darn!), she headed to get more help, from other teachers. They put out the furniture and floor with water, and Sarge took care of the electrics. 

Meanwhile, my class was outside lazing about in the parking lot not doing physics. I am now in trouble with a friend of mine who is a girl for feeling awkward with her putting her arms on my shoulders. I am a big basket of crazy, so naturally there was no wrong that had been done, but she is a taken woman, and for some reason that fact just made me feel uncomfortable. Like I said, I am a big basket of crazy. Crazy day for a crazy guy.

Ever notice how you don't notice stuff until it's brought up? Like someone'll say "cough", and suddenly you'll have to clear your throat. Or someone will yawn, causing you to yawn. It's like that with my teeth. Everything was fine, then it turned out I have cavities, so now those two teeth magically hurt, as if they did not exist until she mentioned them. I wonder if it's a psycho-somatic or if I just never noticed. Go figure!The date of the fillings is 20th of october. Watch this space :P

"Why's a gun better than a wife? You can put a silencer on a gun" -S. Smith (not full name as I know the guy.) /edit he got this from the movie "Shoot 'em up"

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Bernard said...

Thanks for making me yawn :L

I know the feeling of the self inflicted stuff, although i dont think ive ever had cavities, i have had some class of a filling when my molars were missing a ridge,,, or something :L

ahh well, try and get gold fillings :L