Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quite a week!

This has been quite a week! It has been a pretty rough week, I've had to make some pretty tough choices, and had some pretty troubling doubts, and having lots of 5th year homework has hardly made things easier. Now, I'm not in the habit of just plain old complaining on blogs (anymore XD) so I'll tell you why this week has been pretty awesome too. Not gonna go on a long rant or anything, but I just wanted to say why this week has been good as well. For once, instead of running to things to distract myself, like music or videogames, or friends for comfort in times of distress, I'm genuinely running to God with my troubles! There was a recent lunchtime where people were just generally taunting and teasing me about my troubles, and instead of doing what I usually do which is just take it and crumple, I just let it happen, and the one thing I genuinely wanted and needed then was God's reassuring voice. So I just quietly got up, left, and found a quiet, seculded spot (Toilet cubicle XD) and flipped my bible open to a fantastic chapter, Ephesians 5. I just really wanted to say this, cause though I'm sure I don't have much readers right now, perhaps you're reading this in the archives some time after it was written, and I just wanted to say that I really did find comfort in God this week, and I'd encourage you if you're reading this to give God a chance with your troubles. Just wanted to say that while it was fresh in my mind and my heart. Just wanted to say.


Nicoley said...

That's a great story. I'm considering carrying my small bible in my bag with me, for support and wisdom if I were to need it. Dunno if I should get one of them metal bibles though, coz they seem less likely to get wrecked in my bag. But I dunno if I like the translation of them...oh well!

Nexus said...

Thats really encouraging to hear man. Well done!

Bernard said...

Ya, toilet cubicles are great places for revalations :L

Thats an amazing idea- carry a mini bible around.... Im so gonna steal it :)