Saturday, September 27, 2008


Holy crap you guys, you gotta check this out. iTunes version 8 now includes a new visualizer. If you don't know what that is, to quickly explain, it's a sort of program withing a music player that creates something of a lightshow or visual effects show in time with the music that you have playing. In the past, this has mostly been just dancing lines or other fairly basic, easy to comprehend stuff. This new one is different. It creates it's own little universe. It's got lots of different settings and tricks to show, but what's kinda interesting is that you don't get to choose. This can cause some frustration if it doesn't go as absolutely whacko as you'd like on the guitar solo, or plays the same visual setting 5 times in a row. But I suppose it's for our oun good, makes us constantly have to see things in a new light. It's randomness in it's most pure form. Sometimes you get beauty, sometimes you get a rather mundane experience. But most of the time it's pretty purdy. By far, far, far, the best visualizer I've ever seen. Like, if it was a race, Windows media player would be leaping forth from the starting point with all his might, while iTunes version 8 visualiser would be on his deathbed, after having lived a full and rich life, surrounded by all the ones he loved, with his old reminder of his victory in that race of visualization oh so many years ago, the trophy given to him in a landslide decision. But that was many years ago, some still had to even finish the race, he had heard once. With tears in her eyes, the latest iPhone says goodbye to the one she loves, his one regret in life is not living long enough to see his latest grandson, the new nano. He breathes his last, having lived a life full of rich downloads.

Whoa. That all got a little bit narrarative. hope that somehow made sense to you, it somehow made sense to me. Anyway. On to the visualizer itself.

The main  theme with it is something like planets. Orbs in space. It's all very physics-y, which is why I love it. Like atoms, even. The electrons, if you will, are little lights, sometimes on fixed points, sometimes on ribbons, sometimes free-running across the screen. Being repelled further and further out on the loudness, and brought swirling back to their centre on the dimished parts. It's like watching fantasia sometimes. And while it isn't the perfect absolute best thing ever since sliced bread, it's free, and loads better than any visualizer I've ever seen. It's like you're watching some sort of cosmic event, like dance of solar flares, or a meteor shower. It's really quite breathtaking. Most of the time. I like it, anyway. I'd reccomend giving it a download, the iTunes store is always good, and it's free, so there's nothing really to lose. I'm a PC kinda guy, don't get me wrong, but I do love iTunes. 

The plate's icy demeanor, lying in wait beneath it's ceramic skin, resonates with the icy demeanor in my hands, waiting underneath my morning's skin


Bernard said...

I didnt know that was there.... Tis awesome! :P

I like my WMP visualizer better tho :L

Nexus said...

I just had a look of it on youtube, and looks really cool....still not as good as WMP though:P

Nicoley said...

I was a fan of the WMP visualiser, until I saw the iTunes one. There's no comparison!