Monday, March 2, 2009


Only time for a short blog post, I'm afraid. I'm busy, needing to practice piano more. It's frustrating, I'm thinking of dropping grades, keeping lessons, and just learning songs I want to learn instead, if that's possible. Also, I'm reading "Wild at Heart" just after reading "Irresistable Revolution" by Shane Claiborne. I would reccomend IR, it's really a fantastic book for any christian, EVER. I'll probaly blog about it when spare time becomes available again. Not liking "Wild at Heart" so far, it's supposed to be a book about being a christian MAN for God, but it's coming off a little Duke-Nukem, like you're not really a man as God wants you to be unless you're a lumberjack who chops down bears instead of trees. He mentions three things as core to a man's soul: 
1) A battle to fight
2)An adventure to follow
3) A beauty to rescue

He is certain that adam, yes, even adam, had the desire to fight things instilled in him. I think we will all be dissapointed when we go to heaven and there's no more things to punch, if that is the case. And he doesn't mean it very metaphoricly, he really does see violence as a good part of human nature. Unless you're a peacekeeper or something. But who wants to be "Soft". (I'm not kidding, he says this.) I'm shocked at his sexist attitudes, and his certainty of his correctness. The last part is pretty wrong too, in my opinion. Jesus said it was better not to marry (If it was something you could do and still be happy, keep in mind), and paul, who was celibate, wrote half the new testament. He was certain, I am not kidding here, absolutely certain that Jesus was more like Braveheart than Mother Teresa. William wallace, who fought to liberate the scots by leading a bloody, although some would say deserved, war, simply cannot compare to that silly old nun who devoted her entire life to helping the poor, hungry, the diseased, the outcasts. I am not even kidding here. The book is currently filling me with a bizzare mix of shame and anger. Shame at my apparent lack of maddening testosterone, and rage that such sexist, emotionally driven words are advocated. It's driving me crazy, it has compelled me to actually verbally groan and growl at those words. Some of what he says is true, but when it comes to manhood, I think this guy needs to realise that although Jesus is coming at the end of time with a two-edged sword, in a cloak covered in blood, that his sword is not our sword to wield, that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword, and only one who has beaten death deserves to wield it. Bleh. He called a general blowing up a house full of nazis a parable. Frustrating. Short blog post, heh. 


Nicoley said...

Sounds like my reaction to Twilight.

Sounds like very old fashioned ideals tbh. Men need to be strong (I don't mean in a physical sense) imo, but that doesn't mean becoming that guy. Or living out Barats & Bareta's 'MANTAGE'.

Phiasmir said...

Perhaps I should wrestle more bears at night, or consume some American soil! I'm probably just low on vitamin FREEDOM.