Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disc Eiffel Ship

So, I just got back from a little discipleship thingy with my youth pastor, Jonathan Shaw, it was quite good! For those of you who don't know what discipleship is, allow me to educate you in very minor detail, as I don't know much about it myself.  Apparently, it is when someone who is a little older in their faith as a follower of Jesus decides to take someone younger in their faith "Under their wing" so to speak, like an older mentor sort of thing, and meet up with them on a regular basis to discuss life, faith, and everything from "Life to Relationships to Homophobia to catching a bus, or even making pizza!" As he said, quite eloquently. It's really a great oppurtunity for me, I'm feeling quite grateful, even honored, though truth be told I don't know why he chose me instead of someone else, I mean, all the other guys in the youth group are sound as a pound, so it's beyond me! Well, it's me and a friend of mine, Damian are currently getting mentored, to be precise. It's a nice oppurtunity to be honest about your faith without worrying what people are gonna think, or afraid that you won't be allowed to leave until it's "fixed". I'm looking forward to this! We're meeting up bi-weekly at the moment, and I'd always kinda hoped for a discipleship thingy like this. Jonathan's quite the example anyway, always very kind and patient. And he landed me that sweet public speaking gig so I'm looking forward to learning more from him!


Nicoley said...

Oh wow that sounds lovely! Eric is my mentor but we never see each other much anymore :(

Bernard said...

As regards that speaking gig... I still need to upload that :S

I SHALL get around to it before RAW!
(ie, before Africa)