Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Denno Coil - A circle of children

So, I just finished watching a really great anime called "Denno Coil" with my brother! The kinda crappy news is that, because I don't believe in video piracy, my brother had to lie to me to get me to watch it. Licenced on veoh, my rump. But I suppose video piracy is a blog for another day. 

At any rate, about this anime. It's really good! It revolves around a group of pre-teen children, with age ranges from about 7-12, so you would think that the series would  be very airy and kinda dumb at heart, but it's not! As is with most anime, the first season is more lighthearted and sets up plot for the second season, which is darker and more plot-related, as opposed to the wacky hijiinks of the first season. It takes place in the near future, 2026, and revolves around a group of children who all have Augmented reality devices, which take form in video glasses they wear, which allows them to access cyberspace. Interestingly, the cyberspace also affects them, with "Illegal" programs in high demand for their components. The world is split in two, "Updated space" and "obsolete space", which is regularly updated to "Updated space" by the software company the produces the glasses. But all the fun stuff comes from the "Obsolete space", where illegal programs roam free, until they are hunted down by little children with a heafty dose of spunk and attitude! 

The First season is really great, and has some light humour while establishing characters with very distinct personalities, and occaisionally touching the softer notes of human emotion, like loss and memories. The Second season is far better, if you are of a more mature audience, with plot points planted in the first season ripened and harvested with addictive mystery and consequence. It's really great, the second season has moments that really bring you to tears, it's very deeply touching. They talk a lot about distance and disconnection from people and reality, and it's all very relevant and eloquently put, when the kids venture into literally forbidden territory, the "Coil Space", where the more dangerous programs roam, which possess the ability to seperate your conciousness from your earthly body, inducing a coma. The show has a lot of mystery elements, keeping you laughing while wondering what's really going on behind the scences. It's interesting, pulls at your heart, and if nothing else, is adorable without relent. It's definately in my top 5 Anime of all time!

Also, I forgot to mention, at one point it has a Little girl's cybernetic beard commit nuclear warfare on the girl's face. Top that, suckas!

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