Wednesday, March 4, 2009

General Stuffs

Like I said, running out of clever title names. At any rate, I haven't done a post on what's goin' down in my life in general in a little while, so I thought I'd update a little. I got both a new bike, and a new phone, the cost of both running just under 500 euro, so not too shabby all things considered.

The phone is the LG "KF310" model, and all things considered was quite a good buy! It's got a super awesome sliding screen thing, which means I can just turn it sideways and push it against my head when I want to hang up after a call! It's got all the nifty gadgets a phone should have, and what's more, skype and MSN messenger! I was really looking forward to getting skype on this phone, because apparently 3 are cheap on texts, pricey on calls. And skype calls, even to non-skype, are dirt cheap! I have now also gotten the hang of predictive text, it was a thousand times simpler than I thought it would be and is insanely useful. I haven't really needed the oppurtunity to use the MSN function yet, but I'm sure that's useful as well. :P And also, the day has finally come when they give you more money than you pay for for buying a new phone. This one was quite affordable at around 75 Euro, and came with 120 euro free credit. It's given to you in 10 euro monthly installments, but it suits my needs just fine. I think when the credit runs out, I think I'm just going to give this one away and get a new one, it will still be cheaper than paying for credit, all things considered! The phone is quite nice, but has a bit of a short battery life lasting around 3-4 days with minimal usage, and the camera is really for snapshots only, but that's hardly a problem, and at only 75 euro, I'd reccomend it! Affordable, flexible, and you can slam it shut on the side of your head. Who could ever ask for more?

In bike related news, for about a week, I was riding my mom's old bike. Now when I say old, I mean Old. It's a piece of lovely machinery with a futuristic look that seems to have fallen out of the 80's, and that in and of itself was something of an endearment. It also had a light generator on it, which made cycling difficult, but the concept of generating my own electricity was just awesome. Me and my brother occaisionally are bereft of bikes for brief periods of time, due to theft, flat tires, and the like, and so we both know the one problem this bike suffers, which is explained in the name that we have affectionately bestowed upon it: Bonerattler. The bike, unfortunately, has absolutely no shocks whatsoever. Which kinda makes biking more fun as you gently hum to yourself over bumps in the road, hearing your voice vibrate to it's own tune. The brakes were allright, all things considered, and I actually wouldn'tve minded keeping it, but alas, as I said, this was my mother's bike (although she has not ridden any two-wheeled mode of transport in several years), and so I had to return it eventually. My dear dad came across a secondhand bike, a "Trek" one, if I recall, for 390 Euro. Not bad, apparently the bike is some sort of greek adonis of bicycles, but due to it's secondhand (Although hardly used) Nature, my dad managed to find it at quite an affordable price! I spent some time looking for bikes myself, in my defense, but my dad has a nose for this sort of thing, so it came as no surprise that he found the better deal than I. In the end, I've got a new bike that works just fine, but part of me misses the old clanky Bonerattler. I've definately learned more gratitude for what I have, from the fancy secondhand bike to the clanky ol' Bonerattler, and I love them both very much. I'll let you guys know if I end up getting a name for the new one! 

On a different note, I saw the most beautiful bird today, I do believe it was a raven. It was an absolutely beautiful black beast of a bird, with a body as black as midnight and feathers iridescent of purple and black. Really, quite a spectacular fowl. I kept trying to get a picture of him with my new phone, but like I said, it really is only for snapshots, so it didn't work out. I've got a snapshot of him in my mind though, and that shan't be dissapearing anytime soon.


Nicoley said...

Geez, aren't you well off, buying new phones instead of credit!

I digress, once you go predictive you never go back. I can't text without it!

Phiasmir said...

Not out of a "Haw haw haw, allow me to fan myself with money" kind of way, it genuinely would be saving money, like 120 euro of credit for only 75 euro, that you recieve over time. And some lucky person gets a free phone in the process!

Nicoley said...

Still think it's wasteful tbh. If you have a perfectly good working phone, you shouldn't go buying a new one. Tis bad for the environment.

Bernard said...

From the somethingth of april 3pay users get 3c texts.

Welcome to the dark(ish) side my dear Lorcan :D