Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue lips: First listener!

Basically what it says on the tin. I was telling Friend Cosmo about Regina Spektor's upcoming song, "Laughing with" on her yet-to-be released album "Far"(t?) Read the post and my comment yourself, Cosmo's quite the deep thinker. And so I pointed him to her myspace music page so he could listen to her song. I opened the page, and listened to the song, which played through and into the next on the playlist, "The call". After it played through, on a whim, I reloaded the page and listened to "Laughing with" all the way through, then it played the next song, which I slowly noticed was not "The Call". What now? I checked my tab. Yes.

That right, I was the first motherflippin' person to listen to the song. It's quite a shallow boast really, right up there with "FiRsT cOmMeNt" on a Youtube video. But all the same, it is pretty unique, in my opinion, as I may have been the first member of the general public to listen to that song. Like I said, it's a shallow boast though, I was so busy going "Holy crap! 0 views? holy crap!" That I don't even remember what the song was about or how it goes. Shameful, really, but c'est la vie! Just for further corroborative photos, check it.

If you'll notice, the time and playlist elapses, but for some reason the number of times played does not. I'm guessing it has a few people listen to it before it updates it as having been listened to or something, but at any rate, it was pretty sweet.

Also, go actually listen to "Laughing with" on the above webpage nao, it's a wonderful song about people's dependance on God in times of hardship.

"No-one's laughin' at God when their airplane starts to uncontrollably shake" - Regina Spektor


Phiasmir said...

It occurs to me that those pictures don't expand. Shucks. Will try to fix this.

Nicoley said...

Yay more Regina!!

I love her music so much. C'mon June 23rd!

Bernard said...

What are the songs like?

I shun myspace.

Phiasmir said...

They're AWESOME. You must listen to "Laughing with", if nothing else, because it is awesome and a half. You don't need to join to listen, you need not embrace to hear!