Sunday, May 31, 2009

TF2 Update!

Basically, they went back to a beautiful blend of how things are and how things were. The upcoming implementation is being looked forward to with bated breath. So now we can unlock things both with Achievements, and by finiding weapons. Hooray! I found this out by showing Phil, some of the new stuff on TF2 this morning, when suddenly, I was alerted to the fact that I had passed all three new Spy milestones and unlocked all the new weapons at once.  HI-FIVES FOR EVERYONE! :D

First impressions: Cloak and Dagger: Pretty darn good, especially for survielance. Seems to have a limited usability, in that your strategies are completely different now, mostly survielance and waiting for the perfect oppurtunity. And just being spooky. 

Dead ringer: Actually more useful than I'd thought! good for breaking into places, also gives you more of a certain melee chance, with the ability to survive (Nearly) any hit thrown your way, at least once. Great for getting intelligence, it sucks when you sneak all the way into someplace, only to get blasted in the face and it's all over. A rechargable second chance, really. 

The Ambassador: Not too shabby, still getting the hang of sniping with the darned thing, also pleased that the scantily-clad lady engraved on the gun is more or less impossible to see from the first-person perspective. Really, I didn't want to be "Distracted" or anthything like that.

Sniper weapons: The huntsman: Still really getting the hang of this one, good for medium range, just like it says on the tin. Some people can use this thing as a lethal weapon of mass destruction, I'm still using it like a pea-shooter you fire blindly. Ironicly, blind fire isn't that bad of an idea, each arrow really, really packs quite a wallop, so even without a headshot, you can take out half of most enemies health.

Jarate: Yet to get, really looking forward to it though, what with the team-support factors it presents, since the SMG isn't used to often.

Razorback: Not really looking forward to this one, spies are usually pretty clever, it's entirely possible for them to just revolver you to death, or at least smash your health before you have a clue of what's going on. Not to mention the slowing down is kinda pants (I love that Irish phrase), I think losing your only backup firearm is punishment enough really.

"Un-be-frickin' lieveable!" -The Scout

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