Sunday, May 10, 2009


So, it turns out you can brush your teeth in the shower. I have recently discovered it is possible to drink tea in the shower as well! In case you're wondering, the trick is to keep it behind the shower curtain, or if this is not possible, to keep it far enough away that the spatterings don't reach the cup. It's easier than it sounds, you just take a gulp between lathering, and try not to get it directly in the stream. Haha, I suppose if you had a tea bag in the cup, you could just keep refilling it with hot water and have constant tea!This has led me to think about other things one could do in the shower, the possibilities really are endless!

Ice Hockey in the shower
Wild african safari in the shower
Extreme tightrope walking in the shower
Bible reading in the shower (I always did think it would be cool to have a laminated bible)
Shaving in the shower (I actually did this on my legs once, maybe it's less impressive for girls.)
Video game tournaments in the shower
Medieval battle reenactments in the shower
Blogging in the shower (Oh crap, I'm actually going to wind up doing this one now!)
Cleaning yourself in the shower  (It's just crazy enough to work!)
Extreme shoe cobbling in the shower
Singing worship songs in the shower (Guilty.)
Sewing in the shower
Mud wrestling in the shower

And now, things that one does not do in the shower:

Use a hairdryer
And basically half the stuff that's up there. Except for the medieval one, that one would totally work.

Coming up, further procrastination from yours truly instead of him doing his giant english essay that's due for tomorrow! :D


Nicoley said...

Shaving in the shower (I actually did this on my legs once, maybe it's less impressive for girls.)

Yeah, we do that quite often.

Bernard said...

Fishy shaves in the shower.
He demonstrated in the communals during RAW. It was him in the middle and me and ciaran on either side. It was hilarious.

Let me know how the shower tea works for you.

Singing in the shower is normal!

Phoning / texting people in the shower is also something id like to try. It works fine in the bath though!

Playing guitar in the shower. Damn, now i have to try that.

you can get ps2s built into your bathroom(in front of the toilet) So, i assume the video game thing could work.

hmm, we should have a 'shower' class in school, where we all have individual cubicles and half an hour to relax. yum.

Phiasmir said...

The entire point of this post was to confirm that I had indeed tried shower tea! It worked out great, I accidentally got some of my mom's magazines a little damp though >.>

Pluto said...

Some of those ideas are so crazy that I am going to have to try them out!! (Well, maybe not shaving my legs...)

Laura said...

lorcan, i love you. you, you GENIUS you, have just saved countless morning hours of my life making tea and then drinking while NOT in the shower.

this is the best thing ever. HOW didnt i think of this?!?!

to reiterate; i LOVE you

Phiasmir said...

Well Laura, I really got the idea from my friend Bernard here, I'm afraid. It's still a good idea though, thanks! :D

Pluto said...

Hey, Laura. I just thought Phiasmir had listed a number of crazy things to try in the shower. I never thought of the practicalities of saving myself time in the morning by having my breakfast in the shower. I could also have time to read the paper, polish my shoes and shave (not my legs):-)