Friday, December 12, 2008

Ambush and Fall back.

That's how you play the scout in Team fortress 2! A couple shotgun blasts to the back or side (you gotta make sure they don't see you) and then just bugger off and shoot at them with the pistol as you run off like the little New Yorker well hard man that you are. Don't be afraid to just leave them alive, someone else will finish them off in their weakened state. And your speed to return to the battlefield after dying creates an omnipresent sort of irritating buzz in the opposition's ear. And never underestimate the effectiveness of good demoralization through irritation. And shotgun blasts to the face.

Y'know in games, how you get experience points that you get to spend in what you want to spend them in? I think our knowledge and experience of life is like that. We don't change what happened, but we take it in and try to understand it as best we know how, and interpret it differently. One man's sorrow is another man's breakthrough, one man's bittersweet memories is another man's stupid sentimentalism. But what's cool about games is you can refund the points sometimes and just say "Feck it, that was a poor decision, I'm gonna re-interpret the best way to play this game." Although sometimes you can't, and you just gotta stick with what you learnt and try to slowly branch off into a different path, and pay for your decisions. I'm glad it's not like that. Though one has to question if their talent points have been spent properly. Like most things in life, there is grey and darker grey as opposed to flat out black and white. Or is there? Perhaps I haven't invested enough experience is perception. At any rate, it's super sweet how you can just restart what you've learnt in some games, and change your viewpoint. I think our minds are malleable enough to do that. I hope I spend mine well. Who knows. This is me at 1:43, I'm usually more uninhibited and crazier, and I think I just shortened my attention span by 3 seconds by playing the scout on Team fortess 2 for about an hour, earning me 105 points, and THE TOP OF MY CLASS! Yeah, so that was pretty sweet. I'm tired. Exams are Tiring. Not as scary as I used to think they were though. Who knows. Call the Leaving Cert the "Summer Quiz" Startiiiiiiing now. It takes a load of stress off, I assure you. I'm going to sleep now. But first, hygenie! Hehe, hygenie. I think I spelt that wrong. Yup, I did. Looks like hy-genie. like a genie that'd tell you to brush your teeth. Weird. Night!

-"Do you have any Idea who you're talkin' to? Any idea? Any idea at all? Basically? Kinda a big deal. Are ya listening? Ok. Sun shines, grass grows, and brudda? I hurt people." - The scout


Nicoley said...

You sound so Irish when you say 'Feck it'

The deception of the written word :P

Phiasmir said...

Haha, I couldn't think of a better way of putting it :P