Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dah da na nah na Da da na nah na Da da

So! Cut to the quick, I got my legs waxed. Yup. Legs. Totally waxed. From calf to knee. I'm going on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Ghana this year and we desperately need money. So we're doing this leg-waxing thing for sponsorship. I've got about 100 euro, so I'm pretty pleased with that. Kudos to Nexus, who gave 20 euro out of generosity and/or sadism! I say generosity. It was pretty painful, I'm not gonna lie to you. Nicoleymoley was the excecutioner, I'll have you know, she will be waxing 4 teachers on friday, so she needed the practice. I screamed like a little girl, but only a few times. Most of the pain noises I make end up being tiny mews or "oh!" kinda noises. Though I dit confuse some bats' sense of direction a few times to be sure. I think I can add this to the list of girly things I have done. Well, now that I've typed it, I can hardly not share it with you.

-Been in a ballet (didn't have to wear tights at least.)
-Worn hot pink nail polish
-Worn stage makeup-Sampled a small amount of lipgloss to "Feel the tingle"
And now, 
-Waxed legs
-Shaved legs

I'm sure there's more to it then that, but there's a certain darkness in learning how to shave your legs with a razor before learning how to shave your face with a razor. Also, those things are bloody sharp! I wiped some of the hair off the cheap-o razor my.... *sigh* my mom uses, and I noticed later I had 5 cuts in my thumb! Sharp stuff. Yes, there was a video taken that shall be going on youtube, but we are giving the net adress out to people that have donated 2 euro to the cause. If you live far away, the promise of impending sponsorship will do. Just because I know Bernard can't wait until the next time I see him to miss me screaming like an injured animal. That's about it, I guess. Talk to you later! leave a message if you'd like to see the video, I'll send you the link!


Nicoley said...

I think my job was just as painful, just mentally.

Bernard said...

my list is so much more girly than that :P

hair curled...
playing one half of a gay couple in the Christmas concert...

i so win :L

cant wait! :L

Nexus said...

I'm glad that you said generosity...for some reason the past few days, I've had pleasure tickling a mad rugby man in my year until he giggles like a little that sadism?:P

What's the net address....come on! You should put me in the credits for that donation!:P