Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manly list.

I thought after that I should make a list of manly things I have done.

-Played Metal gear solid.
-Can do a decent solid snake impression
(Do I need anything after that?)
-Made fire
-Poked fire
-Breathed life fire so it wouldn't die (combustion CPR!)
-made marshmallows
-Used a Wrench
-Fixed a flat tire (on my bike)
-Made something out of wood (A chessboard, but still)
-Made several knots (I've forgotten them all)
-Obtained several badges in scouts, in knives and axes and cool stuff like that.
-Punched things.
-done stuff to fix a computer
-read comic books
-Shaved face
-Worn Cologne
-Once jumped over a chair. For reals.
-Gone parachuting (ok, not really, but doesn't it sound good?)
-Gone rock climbing (this one for real)
- Spat off a cliff

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