Saturday, December 27, 2008

Like blood from a stone

I'm bored, it's 00:43 in the morning, and I have a minor headache. Let's rock. Not really. I want to talk but I don't really have anything to talk about. Except now I do, because I thought of talking about nothing for a long time which would have been gibberish, which is the name of a song from an album I bought 2 days ago so now I'm going to talk about that.

The album is "Two lefts don't make a right... but three do" and first off, I like it because it's a play on the phrase "Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do!" Which is a play on the phrase "Two wrongs don't make a right". It's like... what's the word... reverse-reverse-reverse psychology, where they play a joke on the joke by playing the phrase straight, but in the body of the joke. And also firstly, I bought it because it was by Relient k, which at this point has more or less earned the title of my favorite band. Sorry everyone else who has a band that isn't relient k, but you just lost your chance like I just lost the game. Sorry, people. I've only really properly listened to the whole album all the way through once, I suppose, but I still like it. I still say "Mmhmm" is my favorite though. Sorry every album from relient k that isn't "Mmhmm", you just lost your chance like I just lost... some people say you can only lose the game once every so often, like once every 30 minutes or something. I don't really get this. Does it not count? I dunno. I announce it anyway, but I guess one shouldn't be upset unless 30 minutes have elapsed. And some people don't play by those rules so who knows!

Anyway, back to TRDMALBTD. haha, that is a really long abbreviation! How irritating! It's a good album, I like the song "Mood rings", in which they melodiously suggest that emotional girls should wear mood rings to give us guys a break "Cause when it's black means watch your back because you're probably the last person in the world right now she wants to see". As a guy/dude/man? I must confess that girls make my head explode in wonderful and horrible ways. I dunno. The band actually released a book about girls named after the last line of this song "The complex infrastructure of the female mind" and I was thinking about buying it because it seems to give the impression that after you've read it, girls will somehow make sense and stuff, but I don't think one can just read a book and suddenly be a master of the she-folk. I think it's just something you're born with, I have no idea. The weird thing is, I read up about this song on a song meaning website
and I got a kinda weird reaction, most of the girls were like "Haha, yeah, I need a mood ring" and all that. The guys were saying "Haha, girls, they need mood rings, I give girls I know mood rings. Women. Am I right?" I find this weird and slightly offensive. I think I'm probably just taking this too seriously or something but anyway! I was thinking, us guys get just as emotional. I am a highly emotional person, from what I have felt. I think it's puberty or something, I dunno. Hopefully not bi-polar disorder. One day you wake up and you're the most angry person on the face of the earth, the next you wake up and you're jealous of what people have, the next you're in love like a crazy fool, and almost worst of all, sometimes you wake up and feel nothing at all. "And that's all-right I must confess...." I dunno! I just think we're both emotional genders, maybe girls have guys figured out better or something. Part of me worries that no other man on the face of the planet undergoes emotional changes and Bernard and Nexus are reading this and going "What? *grunt* what is this emotion you call Love? Is it to do with hitting things? *grunt*" And then they beat each other up and whack clubs against the ground for the next half hour, and that's actually how guys are supposed to work or something like that. But that's ca-raaaaaaaazy!

This was supposed to be about how relient k are awesome and now it's me talking about girls. Ooooh! There's also a good few songs that are great spiritually, like "Getting into you" and "I Am Understood?" they're really good, trust me! They're kinda self-explanatory, and really on-the-mark musically, which is nice. That's what I love about relient k, they're really actually good! Unless you don't like them, I guess. My point is there's a lot of people out there thinking "I'll serve God!" And then sell themselves short because they think it's not bible-orientated enough or something like that. I was reading about christian-developed games recently, and one of them was about moses herding sheep onto the ark, with score multipliers add or something like that. This is just me talking here, by the way, and my highly subjective views, but I just don't think I'd find that fun. At all. But what's cool about relient k and bands and people like this is, they're not afraid of metaphor. If you took the word "Aslan" out of the Narnia books and replaced it with "Jesus", I doubt it would be as wildly popular as it is. People would avoid it for fear of "Having religion crammed down their throat." A great guy I know called Fergus once said (I'm mis-quoting to an extent) "Some people think it needs a bible verse at the end, but a lot of the time it really doesn't" That's a mis-quote, but that's the jist. Someone could be listening to the song "Getting into you" and be perfectly aware that this is a christian band and know who they're talking about but stick with it. After all, it's a good song, and nothing's being forced. But if someone who didn't really think God existed or thought he was kind of a jerk-face listened to this song and it was called "Getting into Jesus" and then specifically avoid it because it irks them, then they don't get to listen about how this guy loves his father and wants to grow closer to him. I mean, I don't think that we should talk in code or anything like that, and when you're talking to other believers, of course you should speak directly, openly, and obviously about God, but I just think it's a real shame when people who are christians attempt to create something for the world and put pants on Michaelangelo's David because they don't want a penis in public, so to speak. Maybe that was a hamhanded metaphor, I dunno, but I just think God's happy with our sacrifices to him, and I think there's a certain value to being not so blatant when you're trying to share God with people who don't believe in God. I think that's what he meant... Haha! I was trying to remeber if "In this world but not of it was from the Bible or "The shack", a book about God. Ever know someone and they're really shy in person but are really outgoing and talkative online, on email, on stuff like that? Paul was like that! 2Corintians 10:1  "By the meekness and gentleness of Christ, I appeal to you—I, Paul, who am "timid" when face to face with you, but "bold" when away!" Haha, I just found that funny. Back to looking. Bleh, I can't find it. Perhaps it doesn't need a verse at the end, in the words of ferg. Well, I did just put a bible verse at the end, but that was totally unrelated to anything else. Anyway, Look it up yourselves if you think I'm right or wrong, either opinion is fair enough, obviously. Read John 17, Jesus does this big prayer for himself, for the Disciples, and then for all believers. It's wicked awesome.

And now it's 1:34 and I've been blogging for.... almost an hour. I was going to stop now but I want to blog for a full hour. Oh crap, I totally forgot about the relient k album. One last song on the album that's totally great is "Jefferson Aero Plane". It's 10 minutes and 21 seconds long, which might make you think "Aha! I smell epic song awesomeness, like in "Deathbed" or "The lightning strike"!" But the song is only really about 5 minutes long. So what's the extra five minutes? well, a goodly 2-3 minutes of it is just silence, broken by a man shouting "PEPPERONI!" And then it goes into this wicked awesome secret song witch includes: 
Silly shoes
The world's worst freestyle rapper (I'm not even kidding, that's how they introduce him!)
And it was all just a dream.
And..... Snakessssssss. 

3 minutes left, until I'll have been blogging for an hour, it's mostly filler at his point and so far it's more or less still one giant blocky paragraph of DOOM. So I should fix that. I wonder if it'll get smaller. That seems to happen. I think I've just done some wicked awesome big post and then I click "View blog" and then it's this tiny little mockery of a blog entry, like some giant lobster that boils down to a shameful anniversary dinner. My parents once had lobster for an anniversary dinner, it was back in the states when they were newlyweds living in an absolutely tiny house (Which was also pink) and they got these lobsters, and my dad thought: "hmmm, you fry lobsters, don't you?"  Turns out you don't! They shrivelled and tasted awful, but I wouldn't call it a waste of money, because if something's that funny that you remember it years later, I'd say the laughs would be more full of enjoyment than any succulent lobster. Though lobster is pretty tasty. 1:44! Woohoo! My left wrist is now sore. Time to space out this baby and see how big it is. Oh, and I've had this quote waiting since the first line.

"It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses." -Elwood, The blues brothers


Bernard said...

Bernard and Nexus are reading this and going "What? *grunt* what is this emotion you call Love? Is it to do with hitting things? *grunt*" And then they beat each other up and whack clubs against the ground for the next half hour, and that's actually how guys are supposed to work or something like that.

:O Thats SOOOOOOO not true.

*hits phil with a club to prove point*

Phiasmir said...

It's funny, because you were actually next to each other when you read this without me knowing!

Nexus said...

Twas indeed very funny...

And I'm still trying to figure out why the whole segment about us was funny...:S