Monday, December 1, 2008

Cha Cha Cha Changes!

Hormones are weird. They addle your brain and make you feel all bipolar. And growth spurts! I have had growth spurts the past few days and I can tell you that they are decidedly odd feeling. They are caused by your bones growing, and your flesh has to grow with them, but there's usually a period of transition where the skin and muscles are put under tension, and this causes the pain. As far as I can understand, anyway. I should read up on it. I thought I would share this for the sake of two really weird experiences.

1)I just woke up one morning, and then in school I made a fist, but it was really uncomfortable. The source? My knucklebones had grown and expanded and my skin no longer fit comfortably over them. It was decidedly odd.

2) I woke up one morning, and my breathing and movement felt a little weird. My ribcage had expanded and now no longer fit in my chest, making it sore!

I only say this because I thought it was really weird. I mean, the concept of waking up and suddenly parts of you don't fit inside yourself. Weird!

Also, my bike bust. It's another funny story! My bike has a quick-release mechanism on the front wheel which, while convenient, can be a little unsafe, I guess. Unscrews a little by itself over time. I noticed it was a little loose a few days ago, but neglected to do anything about it, and forgot about it for a few days. Untiiiiiil! I was biking home downhill, and started lightly bouncing my front tire. I pondered the physics of it all. How my own arms could pull it up. Does that work? *boink* I thought it was kinda like outer space. Could you will yourself *boink* off the ground like that? Maybe it worked *boink* like a Normal force, where it just *boink* repels you when you apply a force on the *boi-chrk* *CHRK* *SCRRRR* *FWOO* *CLUNK* *CRASH* My front tire just completely de-railed and the front chassis of my bike just hit the ground and brought the bike's front to a skidding halt. But let it not be said that the bike stopped! The back was still moving, and as I was going downhill it moved forward and over. I did a flip! This was as not much fun as it sounds, as I hurt my arms and got a scraped knee in proper 4-year old fashion. It was crazy! Some nice people asked me if I was ok though. I also totally bent the front tire, but we got a replacement, so that's all good now. I am also playing WoW again, *dun dun dun?* It's not as bad as it sounds, I guess!



Bernard said...

I did an even more dramatic flip a while back...

From what i can remember(see its a bit of a gap in my memory...) i was cycling along, standing on the pedals as to get a good view of a side road i had just past, i hit the ditch, flipped over and skidded along for a while on my back(luckily i was wearing a beanie... i still cut my head) So, ya, count yourself lucky :P

Phiasmir said...

Youch! It was pretty embarrassing to have people watching though, it seemed the sort of accident to wind up on youtuve!